Opinions Fri, 1 May 2009

An Open Letter To President Mills, Chiefs, Church And People Of Ghana


Peace be unto the Government and People of Ghana.

I write as a servant of the Most High God, an apostle-prophet of Jesus Christ and the Father to the Church, nations and peoples of the world.

My commission is to Blow the Trumpet heralding the second coming of Jesus Christ and proclaim the End-Time Kingdom Gospel to prepare the way for the reconciliation, redemption and restoration of glory to Africa in God’s Kingdom Order on earth and to reveal the MYSTERY of JESUS CHRIST to the church in the world.

In this capacity, the Spirit of the Lord has come upon me to address His Excellency the President, Chiefs, Elders, the Church and People of Ghana over a delicate issue concerning the HAND, PURPOSES, and GLORY OF GOD in our beloved CHOSEN, REDEEMED and BLESSED COUNTRY, GHANA, now named BEULAH LAND, THE NEW JERUSALEM by the Most High God.

That God the Creator’s hand is specially placed upon Ghana and that God is protecting, conducting, steering the affairs of the country CANNOT BE DENIED BY SATAN, the spiritual powers of darkness global-wise as well as the prophets and peoples of God. Except that the LORD’S Hand had been upon our country the state of peace, stability and safe conduct of the ship of state and the gradual and stable progress so far made on the highway of spiritual, religious, politico-economic and socio-cultural advances would not have been easy, if possible at all. Ghana is not isolated and free from the spiritual, political, economic and social turbulences prevalent in Africa and in many countries in the world, not excluding the United States of America and Europe.

Ghana has become an oasis of peace neither by human ingenuity nor because of any special political party agenda. The progress made during the Kufuor administration, the first post-divine redeemed Ghana government after the turmoil’s of inter-and intra-political party and civilian-military infractions that begun in the sixties was not so much because of the policies and sound conduct of the eight-year Kufuor administration. It WAS THE HAND OF GOD AT WORK.

Indeed, the Lord our God made me write once to the cabinet of the Kufuor administration that THE DESTINY OF GHANA DOES NOT LIE and WAS NOT LYING with the cabinet. It may interest readers to know in this regard that the only people of high ranking during the Kufuor administration who paid any attention to our letters were the then Chief Justice Edward K. Wiredu and Speaker of Parliament Hon. Ebenezer Sekyi-Hughes. The office of President Kufuor and the Chief of Staff Mr. K. O. Mpiani had no place for our letters to the President on national issues.

This open letter is addressed to the President, the Church, the leaders and elders in Ghana concerning the unfortunate development regarding the apparent harassment and hot chase of former President Kufuor to compel him as it were to leave the country.

Let me say with all the spiritual authority and power placed upon me by the Most High God that woe betides Ghana, if any evil shall happen to the former President Kufuor.

Your Excellency, may we add that long before President Kufuor left office the LORD GOD of Host spoke to His servant several times about how pleased He was with him. That President Kufuor will receive awards and appointments all over the place after he leaves office. I made this known to the congregation of the House of Worship, the central outreach Church of the Ghana Evangelical Society in Accra, where I serve as Head Minister.

The Lord’s word to me has been more than amply confirmed. We are expecting still more appointments on the international and world stage and divine graces upon former President J. A. Kufuor.

Meanwhile, agents of the government of Ghana led by His Excellency President Atta-Mills seem to be bent on disgracing and making life unbearable for the man chosen by God, elected by the People of Ghana and enthroned by the Almighty God. We can also declare here without any contradiction that the Lord God of Hosts has made us aware of several attempts to assassinate President Kufuor while in office. It is only God who protected him.

This is not so strange since prophets are not normally accepted in their own countries. Nevertheless, courtesy and good sense of public conduct by public servants, politicians, as well as administrators and technocrats demand reverence, civility, moral probity and due sense of accountability and public trust. The abuse or misuse of powers and wickedness are not an acceptable proposition in the public services, and with due reverence to God Almighty and the President, even more so in the high office of the Presidency.

President Kufuor is a man of peace and humble disposition before God and with spirit, heart and mind firmly committed and dedicated to Ghana, Africa and the godly goodness for the human race. This we bear witness of both in the spirit and as observers of the political arena of the country since 1949.

Such gems are rare in the world. Ghana cannot afford to reject the man whose conduct and loyalty to Ghana is beyond reproach before God and men. As for mistakes, men are prone to them, yet often without malice. Mathew Chapter 7 verses 1 -6 give us a Divine rod for the management of conduct. The staff of God does not assist those engaged in wickedness with impunity.

May we humbly submit Your Excellency that the current spate of harassment and efforts to disgrace the former president is SPIRITUALLY UNACCEPTABLE, POLITICALLY UNWISE and CULTURALLY ALIEN to the norms of Ghana and abrogation of the Divine hand of peace upon the country.

Indeed, all these together are an abomination before God. Any continued pursuit of such an agenda will bring serious repercussions on the country. They might be of a far reaching effect, even if not of the same degree as those who make blood sacrifices to the gods. Already we are facing element of the lamentation and wrath of God on the nation. These may escalate into heavy devastating rains, fires, deaths and other serious acts of Divine wrath and judgment.

Your Excellency, Chiefs, Elders, Leaders and People of Ghana, may we desist the temptation to undo the goodness of the Lord towards the country. May the Church leaders, chiefs and elders of the country assist the President to honour God, serve and defend the country, the political stability and the nation’s march forward on the PATH OF PROGRESS and GLORY in the HAND OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

The true story is that God has no plans to abandon His vision and mission to establish Ghana in His Kingdom Glory on earth to serve as model nation and star of Africa. That is settled in heaven.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, they labour in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

GOD BLESS GHANA. Amen and Amen.

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.