An open letter to Mr. Afred Agbesi Woyome

Alfred Agbesi Woyome Fresh Alfred Agesi Woyome

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 Source: Barrister Daniel Obeng

By Barrister Daniel Obeng

Dear Sir,

A NEW COMPETENT ATTORNEY GENERAL HAS BEEN VETTED BY PARLIAMENT, AND IT WOULD BE OF YOUR OWN MERIT TO PAY OUR STOLEN MONEY BEFORE SHE ASSUMES OFFICE …………………………………………… We are very happy to write you this open letter as concerned citizens of this Republic. Citizens of this country including my friend and l have been following with keen interest the issues surrounding the GH¢51.2 million that you fraudulently took from the state six years down the line.

We hope you will recall that, on the 9th day of January 2016, some private citizens chased your outfit from the office of the AG department which was a petition that we (EQUITY & BARRISTER DANNY) sent to the state lawyer in pursuant to steps she has taken in retrieving the said amount since the APEX COURT ordered you to refund to the state.

This petition was published by Daily Guide, Crusading Guide and Daily Dispatch with same captions; “Woyome in trouble” as the content made it so explicitly known that some five private citizens were chasing you on the said amount you fraudulently took from the state coffers.

Ever since the judgement was made against your persona, you have put up some impediments and barricades as well as conceivable attempts to frustrate the execution of the judgement till present.

The immediate past AG filed an application last year in November to have you orally examined on oath as to how you spent the monies, any property you have acquired and all the beneficiaries of the monies you and your cronies looted from our coffers, but interestingly, you had the guts to threaten the then government that if the application is not withdrawn and the court goes on to invite you, you will have no alternative than to appear before it and mention those in government who benefited from the monies you fraudulently took from the state.

The AG on hearing that statement took a panic move and immediately withdrew the application from the court in order to grant your mischievous wish to be manifested. But wait! Just as Hon. Martin Amidu said; “he will never let you and your cronies sleep so he went to court and asked leave of the court to have you in the witness box for the exercise the AG refused to pursue.

His application was granted and a date was fixed for you to come to court for the embarrassing exercise to begin, but you smartly waited till a day for the examination, then instructed your lawyers to file an application for review of the judgement by the sole judge who granted Mr. Martin Amidu’s application. You only did that just to frustrate the execution of the judgement as you indicated in a press conference that you will fight any judgement pertaining to your case with your last blood. That matter is still pending for adjudication as at now.

We are also aware that, prior to the application of your oral examination, you went and hired a private legal practitioner by name Mohammed Abdul Fanash to go to court and seek a review and also questioned the jurisdiction of the court in sitting on the case that ordered you to pay back the monies you took from the state. He went to court and the apex court showed him his real size by dismissing his case as FRIVOLOUS and subsequently slapped him with a fine for wasting the precious time of the court.

According to the Apex court of the land, you and your cronies used, loot and share approach to earn that whooping amount of GH¢ 51.2 million as judgement debt from the state coffers. Yes! Its been years as you took such a dubious approach because you had those same apparatchiks in government from 2009-2016 so you even had the guts to tell Occupy Ghana to occupy their own minds.

Well, our letter here is in a form of admonishment to you to be reminded that those your cronies are no more in government to protect your create, loot and share approach, hence the need to pay before we play KWAME A-PLUS SONG FOR YOU.

Senior, he who dreams to catch up with the anchor of the devil simply remembers the need to repent before the day of rapture. We thereby admonish that, you do yourself good by paying the money before Madam Gloria Akuffo takes you by surprise to pay with interest for defaulting payment within a reasonable time.

Thank you



Columnist: Barrister Daniel Obeng