Opinions Wed, 13 Apr 2016

An open letter to the Israeli ambassador to Ghana

Your Excellency,

We hope we have found you well. We believe that thus far, you have enjoyed the profound Ghanaian hospitality since you assumed your position in August 2015. This letter is from the USA branch of the Coalition to Elect Nana Addo & Bawumia (CENAB); a grand global movement of energetic and enthusiastic Ghanaian men and women who are of the belief that Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia are the safest pair of hand to deliver Ghana from its current socio-economic doldrums. Apart from the USA, CENAB branches could be found in the UK and Ghana (Tema, Ashanti Region, Northern Region and Brong Ahafo Region).

Your Excellency, we pride ourselves on the fact that Ghana was the first African country to establish diplomatic relations with the State of Israel under our first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and yours, Golda Meir. The similarities between some cultures in Ghana and that of Israel continue to cement our enviable relationship. It’s been a great journey of partnership and friendship. But, that will be for another highlight on another day.

Your Excellency, the urgency with which we write you today concerns the Israeli-owned company, SuperLock Technologies Limited (STL) – Ghana, which has found itself in the center of Ghana’s electoral brouhaha. Your Excellency, as an ambassador to our country, we believe that among many of your responsibilities is to seek the welfare of your citizens in our country and protect their business interest as well, apart from the numerous developmental projects that your government embarks on in our country. For over fifty years of friendship between our countries, we as Ghanaians have never had any cause to bemoaned or rethink about the smooth camaraderie existing between us. But, the indictment of STL as having engaged in electoral fraud in the 2012 elections of our country begs your urgent attention.

Your Excellency, it could be recalled that in the heat of the 2012 elections, STL’s office at Dzowulu, Accra, was besieged by members of the opposition parties when there were flurry of accusations that the company has been engaging in electronic manipulation of electoral results in favor of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC); an act which will constitute a monstrous infraction of our electoral laws. But, for the prompt intervention of the security services, our nation would have been plunged into total chaos. The Electoral Commissioner, in a knee-jerk reaction, vehemently denied having any contractual agreement with STL as a player in the 2012 elections. However, in a recent press release which has further opened the chink in the credibility armour of Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC), the Interior Minister, Prosper Bani, categorically stated that “A comprehensive report on the operations of Superlock Technologies Limited (STL) and an assessment of some key staff’s vulnerability for possible compromise was retrieved from HAZIS’S room. STL is the company contracted by the Electoral Commission to transmit tallied election results.” – (See: http://www.graphic.com.gh/news/general-news/60984-why-bni-kept-south-africa-three-in-custody-interior-minister.html#sthash.fJwnvUKj.dpuf). This was in sharp contrast to the response from the then Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan in the wake of the matter.

Your Excellency, while the opposition parties have mounted pressure on the EC to come clean on what role STL-Ghana played in the 2012 elections, we also believe that the company owes a duty to all Ghanaians to publicly explain in clear terms what their performed duties were in the said elections. Their deafening silence has been too loud and the national resentment is flaring up against that. Your Excellency, we do know your office is also responsible for ensuring that all Israeli companies and projects in our country are in full compliance with the spirit and letter of our bilateral agreements and supreme constitutions. CENAB-USA, by this publication is calling on your high office to call on STL-Ghana to come out and answer the question on the minds of many Ghanaians; what role did they (STL-GH) play in the 2012 elections in Ghana?

Your Excellency, this request is so critical and necessary for us to clear our political atmosphere of any hanging doubts which may be a recipe for disaster if not dealt with expeditiously. We have no doubt that you and your country mean Ghana well and may never wish to see our nation in tartars caused by political violence, and especially when such an unfortunate situation will be attributed to the actions and/or inactions of an Israeli-owned company operating in our homeland, Ghana.

Your Excellency, Ambassador Ami Mehl, CENAB-USA awaits your response.


Amponsah Stonash


Columnist: Amponsah, Stonash