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Thu, 19 Nov 2015 Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Anas Aremeyaw Anas who has made a name for himself as a journalist and undercover investigator seems to be jittery and very afraid of losing the battle with judges.

He is supposed to have done a lot of work before he caught up with some judges he way laid to collect bribes from him.

This matter is before the judicial service now busy reviewing all that he has put before a committee. He is supposed to be a witness to justify all the allegations he has made against the judges some of who say they were enticed before being caught on videos already shown to the public.

However strangely instead of bracing to free himself from accusations against him by some of the judges he has descended into turning himself into a policeman police investigator and a prosecutor. The nation’s security system must take a hard look at the behavior of this young man who is becoming larger than life.

The earlier Aremeyaw is cut to size and shown his true level in Ghana the better for us all. For goodness sake, Anas is an ordinary citizen of Ghana who is subject and not above the laws of Ghana.

The question many people are asking is after presenting his report to the judiciary, what business has he to go round policing those he has accused of collecting bribes.

Why does he go to the extent of saying without evidence that one of the people caught on tape justice Ajet Nassam has left the nation?

Anas in his media interviews on Tuesday, intimated that Justice Ajet Nassam has fled the country, and that he would petition the committee investigating the matter to get him to face the law.

“I have my intelligence where he is currently… and I believe we will get there. I think that he outsmarted us and left; but it’s not the end of the road yet,’ he said.

However, the anti-graft campaigner Martin Amidu says the journalist blatantly lied about the judge.

“…quoting Anas Aremeyaw Anas saying that he knew the whereabouts of Mr. Justice Ajet Nassam. I knew instantly that he was lying big time in the tradition of a covert agent. I had intelligence that Justice Nassam was in town and attends church in the glare of members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations on the Spintex Road on Sundays at the time the falsehood gained grounds that he had fled the country.”

Who told him these judges have been restricted from moving freely in Ghana and out of the nation. Anas says he is a lawyer who does not know that it is only the law courts backed by the security system that can restrict the movement of someone.

And when Mr Martin Amidu came out to say he Anas has told lies some ignoramuses backing Anas blindly have come out to hurl insult on him saying Martin Amidu is an Oldman.

All those hurling insults on Mr Amidu must put a stop to that. If you say Mr Amidu is an oldman today all of you are gravitating towards old age. Your mums and dads are old men and women. An insult on Amidu is an insult on your own parents.

Moreover, if you persist the nemesis of your offence can catch up with you for Mr Amidu is doing his duty to the nation and God almighty. You must listen to my advice for the respect you need to have for old men and women who would definitely be peeved naturally if you hurl insult on Amidu for exercising his right.

It is not too late for Anas to seek wise counsel from good lawyers and elder statesmen including Mr Martin Hamidu who would readily advise him

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Columnist: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai