Detach Manhyia From The NPP

Mon, 16 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

To Avoid Further Disgrace And Embarrassment

When a certain speaker at a Public Forum was asked to explain the meaning of the word CULTURE during the PNDC era in 1982, this young university graduate who was then doing his National Service at the District Secretariat of the Interim District C-ordinating Committee (IDCC) of the National Defence Committee spent over one hour trying in vain to explain it.

This writer raised his hand and was asked to explain the meaning of CULTURE and I told the Forum that Culture is the way of the life of the people, and therefore, everything done by the people from personal hygiene, their talking and eating attitudes, to the way they perform their annual festivals and funerals as well as how the people interact with each other is their culture – period.

Do you know what, instead of that confused block head joining the large crowd to clap for me, he was so angry that he left the forum in annoyance while condemning my academic credentials- I simply ignored him because if you argue with a fool – people might not see the difference but I told him that his University Certificates were bought for him by his fabulously rich father and/never added one word. It is therefore very strange and a display of intellectual dishonesty for anybody to turn the facts up side down but the National Liberation Movement (NLM) with “Mate-meho” as its local name which was later changed to the United Party (UP) which the leadership of the Asante/Akyem NPP represent today must not be allowed to destroy Manhyia as well as the occupant of the Great Golden Stool with their tribal politics just because the UNBLICAL CORD of the UP tradition was cut from Manhyia, because TIMES HAVE CHANGED IN GHANA POLITICS since 1992 after the long reign of Former President Rawlings. In 1982, the political domain of Ghana was controlled, determined and dictated by Jerry Rawlings the then PNDC Chairman after Dr. Liman was booted out of office in December 1981. I remember a question by a journalist as to the time frame for handing over political power and it was Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah, then PNDC member who replied that journalist that the PNDC should hand over to whom? It was not Rawlings who made that statement at all, but Gen. Nunoo Mensah later resigned from the PNDC government after the abduction and murder of the 3 High Court Judges and a retired major in June 1982 during curfew hours. Since the NPP encourages savagery, a three day so-called J.B. Danquah memorial Lecturers was organised by the Ghana Academy of Sciences and the late Professor Adu Boahen was invited where he showed his so-called bravery by deliving a lecture on the topic. The Ghanaian Sphinx – Refections of the Contemporary History of Ghana where he rather shocked most Ghanaians by stating emphatically that: June 4 was vital for a successful return to constitutional rule, and June 4 did not INFRINGE or abrogate the existing constitution. Corrupt practices and mismanagement brought about VIOLENT PROTESTS by various organisations – this trend of events was halted by the June 4 Uprising which was NECESSARY AND OPPORTUNE because the society, especially the UPPER CRUST, and THE ARMED FORCES urgently required a HOUSE CLEANING EXERCISE – Prof. Adu Boahen – However, this DOUBLE FACED Smallish foul mouthed frustrated failed Presidential candidate of the NPP later condemned his own statement by attacking the June 4 Uprising on Feb. 17th 1988. No wonder, he hailed from the Eastern Region. He later challenged Chairman Rawlings and his PNDC government to set the people free by returning the country to civilian rule. This writer and several cadres were right there to cover the 3days lecture of the late Professor. Apart from members of the June 4 Movement whose under cover organisation nationwide led to the 31st Dec. revolution, nobody had the courage to respond to the excessess of the PNDC in 1983 but the culture of silence came when we were challenging the U-turn of the PNDC for turning to the Bretton Woods Institutions and its IMF/IFC and World Bank for loans – a practice that was a taboo to the radical PNDC gov’t. we did not fear Rawlings at all, because it was our organisational ability on foot, and on bicycles. to the rural areas while eluding the dreaded Military Intelligence operatives of Dr. Limann that brought him back to power in Dec. 1981. We were a threat to the PNDC and so comrade Kwame Adjimah was in the Volta Region campaigning against the PNDC policies in 1983 when he was arrested and escorted to Accra and executed the sameday at the Border guard guardroom at 5p.m on 19th June 1983 – the very day that Cpl. Alidu Gyiwah stormed Broadcasting House but he was chased out by Capt. (rtd) Courage Quashigah. This happened barely two weeks after Rawlings told June 4 members at the Gondar barracks that if we have the pen, then he too have the gun- That brought about the culture of silence in Ghana, and it was never broken by the late Prof. Adu Boahen as the NPP wants the Youth of Ghana to believe. All active members of June 4 Movement including this writer who was a member of THE CLUB” knew that Rawlings was coming back to launch a Peoples Revolution but we did not know the exact date. You see, grey hairs are signs of wisdom, but when grey hairs start telling fat lies through their teeth to Ghana Youth – we are leaving a fainted legacy behind and they would remain, confused, blind and ignorant for generations yet unborn and Ghana’s rich cultural political and traditional history will remain buried until they Kingdom come.

Now when that happens, did we go, or did we come? Most elderly Ghanaians between the ages of 70years and 90years ware dying because they are now seeing things that they do not expect to see as indiscipline and disrespect for the elderly has taken root in Ghana in the name of so called democracy.

The 31st December revolution reduced corruption to 1% between 1982-1989 completely, so those who love to hate the cadres who had been made endangered species under President Mills from 2009 to July 2012. cadres have no regret at all for throwing their full weight behind the World President in the person of Jerry John Rawlings, for if our accusers were to be part of the revolution and the yard stick of June 4 was to be used to measure them- scores would be the first to cross the Togo border into self-imposed exile, so they must respect the cadres- these are the bare facts.

The Greatest Power on Earth is Not the U.S.A, it is not Russia, it is not Germany or Britain, it is not Italy, Japan, China , Switzerland or France at all since these are all Artificial economic and political powers – THE GREATEST MAN ON EARTH RATHER IS DEATH, the killer of the Giants, men and women and all living things on earth, so apart from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, nobody has ever conquered DEATH in this world at all for it is the only MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND NOT WESTERN COUNTRIES.


The first bloody coup de’tat in Ghana was staged by an Asante citizen and an Ewe namely A.A. Afrifa and E.K. Kotoka after they were given 13 million dollars by the American C.I.A. to remove Nkrumah from office and they did it on 24th Feb. 1966.

Before then, the Asante “nation” was fighting for Federation on a narrow tribal front by killing innocent men, women and children by heart. The late Asantehene, Nana Agyeman Prempeh II supported them with £20.00 to fight Dr. Nkrumah’s dictatorship BUT NOT TO KILL NON-ASANTES and CPP supporters who were Asante citizens, General Kotoka was assassinated in a counter coup in April, 1967 and General Afrifa took over as Head of State and Chairman of the National Liberation Council which liberated nobody but Asante citizens any way because the name “National Liberation Council” was a throw back to the dreaded National Liberation Movement. General Afrifa had all the powers to have decreed that Asante is a Federal Republic in 1967. After the death of Kotoka, did he do that? If no, why didn’t he do it since Asante politicians wanted to break away from the rest of the country?

Dr. Busia and Afrifa had deceived the Asantehene by disgracing the Great Golden Stool and its occupant into believing that they were fighting Nkrumah’s so-called dictatorship.


Dr. Busia returned from exile through the Ivory Coast border with dollars, poundsterlings, CFA Francs and when he was arrested at the border by the erst while border guards Mr. J.K. Harlley and Afrifa ordered that he should be released together with the money in a big briefcase ad it was done. The Border Guards did not know him because he was always a fugitive in Exile in the U.K. exporting bombs, weapons and grenades to Ghana. Busia changed the foreign money at Cow Lane in Accra instead of the Bank since he was an International Smuggler.

He was later appointed as the Chairman of the NLC political Committee as well as Chairman of the Centre for Civic Education. He used that position to campaign for 3 years even though Party Politics was banned nation wide by the NLC Military junta Yes, nobody knew Dr. Busia because he was a vicious fugitive always staying in self-imposed exile, so he had to denounce and destroy Dr. Nkrumah. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, we hid Dr. Nkrumah’s pictures including former CPP ministers inside our trunks in our rooms and refused to have them burnt as directed by the NLC Military thugs whose droconian rule TERMINATED INDUSTRIALIZATION IN GHANA. So who crippled Ghana? Is it not persons from the Danquah/Busia tradition represented by the NPP today 2013? Such political criminals must give us a break. Dr. Busia “won” she 1969 elections in a landslide because he contested against his own shadow.

Upon becoming the Prime Minister, he could easily had sent a bill to parliament where members of his Progress Party were in the Majority to pass a law for a Federal Republic of Asante to break away from the rest of Ghana. Did he do that? No. was he sincere and honest to the thousands of Asantes who voted massively for him? No. so why was he killing innocent men, women and children who were CPP supporters in Kumasi – which was dubbed Ethnic Cleansing in 1951, 1954 and 1951 while J.B. Danquah was also doing the same at Akyem Abuakwa in order to create a so called Federal Republic of Ashanti? Why did Busia tell Nana Agyeman Prempeh II in 1969 that he (Busia) had discarded Federalism.

According to one of the leading vicious cowards of the NPP- Mr. Apenten Appiah Menkah, when Prof. Adu Boahen lost the 1992 elections to Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings, the late Professor was advised by the late Otumfuo Opoku ware II of blessed memory NOT TO START ANY CIVIL WAR in Ghana just because Rawlings had “rigged” the 1992 elections – and Adu Boahen have plan an NPP Government in Exile in order to start a civil War in Ghana while they stayed there with 10 men and their family members, but for the occupant of the Golden Stool. Ghana would have been in flames just because the NPP had lost that election in 1992 after 30 years in the political wilderness.

Finally, the occupant of the Golden Stool. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, King of the Asante Kingdom who is peace loving, development oriented quickly foresaw Anarcly, bloodshed and may hem in Ghana after the general elections and called for a Peace Accord in Kumasi which the NPP signed against its will because they were over confident that their party was going to win the 2012 elections, when they lost, NDC members had to be killed before they headed for the Supreme Court which might lead to nowhere- see Africa Watch June 2010 – pages 58 and 59 where Apenteng Appiah Menkah boldly spilled the beans about their evil intentions with impunity. Let them try it one day, we shall reorganize and pick these conical headed warlords and their war queens like snails on the ground. They only feel too big to kowtow to the sitting President of the Republic just because he is a Northerner from a Minority tribe who will rule Ghana for 8 years and beyond. Let me put it an record that Manhyia is an International Kingdom in the World and will never incite Asantes to kill their political opponents, even during the 1951-1956 ethnic cleansing, Manhyia only assisted the NLM with £20,000 from the Asantehene Palace Fund to be used in fighting Dr. Nkrumah’s dictartorship but did not give out that money to be used in killing political opponents of the NLM as those Asante/Akyem politicians did.

The name of the Danquah/Busia, NLM UP tradition must be replaced with either the Progress Party or the Popular Front Party to remove the tribal tag from the NPP and then file a Northerner, Ga or Ewe as Presidential Candidate and allow other tribes in the NPP to contest their parliamentary seats or else – hasaacas. It is a lie that if a vulture from your own village eats your meat- some will remain- a local proverb. There are thousands of vultures from the NPP and NDC villages which have eaten all the meat and even bones of their own citizens, so it is neither here nor there.

Since 1951 up to date these so –called men of letters leading the Asante/Akyem party have been disgracing and embarrasing all the past and present occupants of the Golden Stool by describing Manhyia as the SEAT of the NPP and so most people falsely believe that the open ethnic politics, threats, intimidations and extreme violent killings always originate from Manhyia and this is the main reason why I am suggesting that Manhyia should detach itself from the NPP and focus on its Traditional Development Agenda.

The Yeoman’s role being played by the Present Occupant of the Golden Stool have been recognised not only nationwide but worldwide –but what did we hear when his jewels were stolen abroad? Oh! He had sold them etc. etc.

Now the thief has been caught, are all those who falsely accused the king not ashamed now – yes, if they are really ashamed, then the river gods, the fairies and all spirits of the Asante nation must strike them dead without mercy since they are all obstacles to development. If the river gods and other spirits really exist, then they must show their powers now.

If Otumfuo Osei Tutu II decides to abdicate and contest as Ghana’s President today, you will soon see tons of insults being poured upon this hard working young man; so what kind of people are we? All those who insult him on the quiet with un printable words must also be struck dead by the river gods and spirits if only they exist. My late father once told me that if somebody insults a big man in his absence and you go and inform him, then you are the actual person who insulted him that is why I cursed all those who have being insulting the King since his acension to the throne. I have no apologies to anyone for saying that. There are thousands of decent patriotic Asante/Akyem politicians waiting endlessly to take over the NPP and turn it around to be more appealing to other tribes and the ordinary man on the street, but the present academic undersirables and their warlords on war path have closed all the doors on them because of extreme greed and arrogance and these patriots are now helpless. Well, the NPP must prepare for a big humiliation defeat in 2016 by President Mahama, and the party with its present could mouthed aggressive leaders would continue marching time till thy kingdom come to the occupant of the Golden Stool Come. To occupant of the Golden Stool may God richly bless you most abundantly Is Anybody listening?” I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie/Iwaii” – Aluta Continua!






Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement