Anytime Rawlings Booms Mills Gets Sympathy

Sun, 20 May 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

May 17, 2012

There seems to be one thing that Ghanaians are failing to catch. It’s one basic problem with Mr. Rawlings. The man believes only in himself. And those who believe only in themselves tend to believe that they are demi-gods. That is why Rawlings erroneously believes there is nobody better than him. He also believes that apart from him, there is no one who holds the magic wand to rule the country better.

Mr. Rawlings further believes he is the standard bearer for any leader of the country. As a result he has concluded that anybody who does not kowtow to him or listens to him is doomed to fail. Mr. Rawlings is noted for pointing out that he won the elections for President Mills and to a large extent the NDC in the 2008 elections, forgetting the efforts of other people in the NDC family. As a result, Rawlings believes that he should be sitting at Ridge and calling the shots to the Castle (Seat of government) to implement. That is why Rawlings strongly believes that since President Mills did not become his favourite poodle he is doomed to fail or has even failed.

I want to take you down to the memory lane. In the run-up to the 2000 elections, there were three strong baggage that affected the fortunes of then candidate Mills. Apart from the Rawlings or NDC fatigue and the global political wind of change blowing at the time, the NPP sought and succeeded in sowing seed of doubt in the minds of voters that if they vote for Mills, they vote for Rawlings, an indication that if Mills wins the election it is Rawlings who would be ruling the country from his residence.

The same Rawlings poodle issue popped up during the 2008 elections but it did not help the NPP to coast to victory. But somehow it stuck in the mind of Rawlings. Probably Rawlings concluded that if the NPP folks are saying that he was going to call the shots from his residence, then he might as well do it, that is why immediately President Mills was sworn into office, Rawlings sought to dictate to him.

Ever since Rawlings burst into the political scene in the country this is the very first time he has had difficulties in having his own way. In fact it’s the very first time that somebody has been strong enough to push him back on his demands. President Mills has faced Rawlings squarely and also demonstrated to him that he Mills is in charge. Therefore, if Rawlings insults President Mills daily one can only see where his so-called frustrations are coming from.

But Rawlings cunningly has always been using the plight of foot-soldiers and probity and accountability to advance his own parochial interest. If Rawlings had done something better for the NDC foot-soldiers who sacrificed their lives for him for almost two decades, we would not be seeing some of the foot-soldiers in their pathetic situations today.

Mr. Rawlings has been insulting President Mills daily. In fact it is not only when he makes a public comment that he insults the president, but anytime somebody goes to see him at Ridge he unloads on President Mills. A demi-god believes that he is the only sensible person on the planet. That is why Rawlings who should be enjoying his retirement and playing with his grandchildren has reduced himself to an insulting comic.

But one things Rawlings is missing out is, anytime he insults President Mills he gains more sympathy from the very foot-soldiers he claims to be defending. Anytime Rawlings booms, the NDC faithful rallies to the defence of Mills! Have you seen the usual refrain coming from the NDC folks whenever Rawlings insults Mills? Leave President Mills to rule Ghana since he is in charge! What this means is that the NDC people are fed up with the tantrums from Rawlings.

People have been turning on their beds with some even crying trying to go into Rawlings’ mind to see if they can come out with any reason/s why he is behaving this way. The simple reason is that Rawlings thinks he is the source of all wisdom therefore his insults would let people know that President Mills does not consult or listens to him.

At this point, if even Rawlings makes a 360-degree turn and campaigns for President Mills and he wins the up-coming elections in December, only few people in the NDC would recognize his effort. Rawlings has poisoned the well so much so that many NDC folks are now sympathizing with President Mills. They are seeing Rawlings as a cry-baby who continues to cry about nothing. The other day I was asking myself if Rawlings is afraid that President Mills may accomplish more than he did which is why he is out to undue him. But sometimes I do not blame Rawlings too much because it is Nana Konadu, his wife, who is acting as the invincible hand pushing Rawlings to do all her dirty work by daily insulting the NDC leadership.

In this world if you insult somebody without getting any response, it clearly shows that the person does not want to go down the gutters with you. Rawlings is demeaning the office of the presidency and gradually people are seeing him as a nuisance. And I believe if he does not mend his ways, people will be forced to conclude that all that he believes in is self glorification.

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Columnist: Jackson, Margaret