Appeal To All Political Parties To Ban Caning At Schools Now

Fri, 6 Jun 2008 Source: Mathia, Jordan

Ghana has come a long way fifty years after her independence, but certain traditions in Ghana never evolve. Paradox enough this tradition remains in Ghana education system. Until today, the Ministry of Education has yet to ban the practice of caning (whipping) at schools. This practice do have no a place in modern society.

School teachers acting as extended arm of the system, take advantage of parents (who do NOT protest or reject), by subjecting children to punished by flogging. This is unacceptable to say it mildly.

I remember the beatings we had in the primary school in the early 60’s, some teachers even ask us to go to their home and do dishes or wash their cloths, etc. I also remember college days in the early 70’, when senior students would bully and punish us simply because they were having a bad day or hard time with their girl friends or scoring low mark in maths. Most of us had bruises in our face due to smashes. One of my mates got half blind from the abuses. Today forty years after, girls would have their beautiful long hair completely shaved do get admission to a college.

Some say, it would teach children discipline. I suggest they would do better with counselling and loving. If you want discipline go to Michael camp, Teshie military academy, Sandhurst or US Navy S.E.A.L. Discipline by whipping and bullying is based on lack of knowledge, you only end up getting a child flustered, disoriented and stagnant.

The time has come for change. We need fundamental reform in educational system. School children and students can no longer be held accountable or responsible for discipline. Discipline must begin from the top.

Ghanaian media and journalists have a duty to bring this topic to debate soon. Politicians struggling for power must understand and take a clear stand on abolishing physical punishment in all schools in Ghana once and for all.

Jordan Mathia
Trend consultant
Email: jordan_mathia@yahoo.com

Columnist: Mathia, Jordan