Take Her To Me – yet another dedication to Nanaama

Sat, 14 Jun 2014 Source: Samih, Fadi Dabbousi

This is just the beginning of a new dawn; a new dawn of awakening when solid hearts made of rock and rusty metal will change texture forever. This is the time when I shall write the words that will burn the light out of the sun and bring into your heart the cool dew of a loving moon and the mist of a comforting morning. This is the time when the feelings of love will manifest into words stronger than the hurricane of a bad weather or a tsunami of rough seas. This is the beginning and I shall speak.

It goes to say that if a heart bleeds it shall cry; if a heart smiles it shall make you blue and if a heart softens you shall melt. I told you, my darling, that I shall not rest my tongue until I have said the sweetest words ever imagined in a language made to express the minutest detail of feelings so, so, so out of this world. Now listen to this:

I shall make oars of my eyebrows and a canoe of my heart that you shall sail on my tear drop into a red stream of pure emotions that will bop you onto the senses of a bundle of feelings, so emotional and pure.

They said that you were cold; yes so cold that the sun froze at the mere thought of you; that the sky developed icicles and the earth stalactites. I thought to myself, “oooh that could never be so, for she is warm in her frigidness, hot in her warmth and boiling in her heat”. I scolded the painful tongues of criticism and the doubtful hearts of disbelief but they pelted my passion with the hardest pebbles that crushed on impact with the halo that surrounds my love for you. You are the recipe for my happiness, for I smoked no pot nor drank no alcohol so my emotions could never have been fuelled by the emptiness of an induced high; it is the natural high of being in love with an African beauty the like of which, hitherto, I had neither ever seen nor my senses had ever imbibed or my heart had ever discerned.

Sail away, I say, on my tear drops as they flood the rivers and streams. Catch the pearls that roll in the waves and grab the shine that emits from the ripples; I want you to ride in comfort as you continue on the journey of life such that the trials and tribulations will not shake your bones or rattle your brains. Just be comfortable with me in the driver’s seat.

Would that I took all the jolts; would that I felt all the discomfort; would that I outwrestled all the heinous circumstances that forever caused pain and made you cry, for I want you to shed no tears except those of love and happiness – shed them just for me, baby, just for me!!!

And how else could one describe a passion so alive and fresh? How could one discern the silhouette of a new dawn as it broke the darkness of night unfurling a day that carried hope of survival and much passion for you?

Well, I do understand the language of the shifting sands of time as they changed course into new eras and new destinies. I do hear them now; I hear them mention my name; let me listen in…sshh! But their words are being sung in a tune that rhapsodise the roses and lull to sleep the agitated wilderness. I am listening, attentively, now and it is just pure heaven; a tune from a harp and piano…no no no…I think it is a violin and humming bird…no no no, I can’t seem to get it. Ah yes! It is the melody of a thousand angels flashing faster than the speed of lightning over and over again showering blessings from above, so unique and pure that suddenly sugar is no longer sugar and honey is no more honey. It is the sweetest tune that man has ever heard.

So I was mesmerised and wanted to speak the language I thought I understood but the words wouldn’t exit my mouth for the fear of mayhem that could be caused by a turbulent love, which is at peace only in the heart, mostly. I have tried over and over again and when I managed to say something, a message crackled through a voice so broken and overwhelmed with emotions, “carry well my boisterous tear, for my boat and its oars are fragile. Take my love to the destination of cupid where forth I shall be waiting to continue the journey with her. Bring my darling home; take her to me!”

Columnist: Samih, Fadi Dabbousi