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Opinions Mon, 11 Dec 2017

Appreciate the good side of others

With all the good things and behaviors towards people, they will not relate because it doesn't suit their desires, it seems we are always programmed not to appreciate the good side of others but rather try whatever it takes to find a little mistake from someone's life and spread it like a mat to the world.

They will listen and hear from you a lot of good things and a very few mistakes. However, their memories would never retain any of the good things they heard from you.

And they will not relate this to others because doing so does not suit their desires.

Mostly we only believe in "we are not perfect" as it is when we are the perpetrators but when it's somebody's else we tend to recall all the mistakes we knew about them from childhood up to that time just because that's what will make others see him or her as a bad person.

And sometimes I ask myself what good does it make to delve into someone's life for mistakes, does it worth it as a man of intelligence to do this? And when you find these little mistakes you think that is your lost treasure in which you have just found, and you are happy for you have accomplished your mission, and you then make a favorite fruit snack out of that and spread it to others.

Oh yes, you have done your part by making the whole world see somebody as a bad person but be frank with yourself what good have you achieved from it, what benefit have you gained as a person or to your society.

What we mostly fail to understand is, trying to search and expose someone's mistakes doesn't make you Mr. Perfect but rather a person who lacks vision and morals.
Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim