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Are Africans serious as a race and a people?

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Thu, 29 Dec 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

I have for the past several years been cogitating about Africans, their behaviours and attitudes to tell if they are themselves the cause of the woes they are permanently beset with.

The writer is himself a 100% black African to start with. Therefore, I plead with all Africans to disabuse their minds of any thoughts of racism against me when they chance upon the content of this publication.

It has been our attitude as black Africans to quickly accuse people of racism when they happen to tell us the absolute painful truth. This becomes markedly so when those telling us the plain truth happen to be whites, or are of any other race but black.

I have read some painful, but true statements, made by some powerful white leaders about Africans, black Africans of course.

Former American President Donald Trump, said African countries are shitholes. A shithole by definition is an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place. As bitter as his description of African countries is, what he said is an undeniable fact!

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Africa a cemetery and queries, “who will develop a cemetery”? He says the black African will steal their country’s money at any least opportunity they get. They will take it to Europe or America to save, buy a house, fly their children to school there, live there but when they die, they request in their oral or written will to have their remains flown back to Africa for burial.

Hence to Vladimir Putin, Africans themselves by their attitude see Africa as only good for their burial. Therefore, Africa is a cemetery and it is only a fool that will develop a cemetery. No wonder that Africa continues to remain underdeveloped and beset with all types of diseases and crimes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has same derogatory bitter views and expressions made about Africa. Similarly, the Chinese President Xi Jinping sees all Africans without exception as fools that are ready to give away, or kill, their brothers/sisters or fellow countrymen when greased their palm with a few dollar wads in bribery.

All the views held, or expressed, by the whites about Africans are nothing but the absolute truth. He who disagrees can go and burn the sea!

When they tell the plain truth to our faces, we instantly get boiled up and class them as racists. Nonsense! They are not! They are only telling us the naked truth.

Is it not said the truth hurts but, in the end, it brings comfort? How is that?

In Ghana, like many other African countries, the Chinese government has offered our government soft loans. Subsequently, Chinese nationals quickly swarm our African countries to engage in both legal and illegal activities with the intent to spoil, or eventually take over our African countries. This is a fact! It has happened in Zambia and in the process of happening in Ghana, if not already happened.

The Chinese’s ultimate agenda to take over sleeping continental Africa is in crescendo. They are being knowingly or unknowingly assisted in their bid by some black Africans who crave quick wealth without toiling or wiping off sweat from their forehead for it.

Are the Chinese nationals in Ghana not spoiling the water bodies, arable/fertile lands, forests and destroying cash crop plantations all in the name of extracting gold in what is illegal surface and alluvial mining (galamsey)? Are Ghanaians not stupidly teaming up with them to sabotage any efforts made by the government to salvage the rivers, lands and forests that come under the reckless destruction by the Chinese and their Ghanaian accomplices?

In the name of politics, or quest for political power, the Ghanaian leadership has become incapacitated in the face of the Chinese aggressive extraction of gold through galamsey, culminating in the alarming continuous destruction of the nation’s ecology.

Excuse me to mention former President John Dramani Mahama here. Clueless as he is to the vital role played by water, air, land and forests in the survivability and sustainability of human life on earth, he goes around sabotaging the efforts being made by President Nana Akufo-Addo to stop the wanton destruction of the mentioned elements by the Chinese and their Ghanaian counterparts.

He promises to facilitate and expand the work of the Ghanaian accomplices in the galamsey industry should he become the president of Ghana again. This promise is directly in furtherance of the gradual but progressive destruction of Ghana by the Chinese and their short-sighted Ghanaian accomplices. Does this not go to tell the level of stupidity of the black African and their black leaders?

Can a foreigner take the laws into their hands to do what is officially prohibited in China, or in any of the civilized white countries where laws are stringently enforced, without suffering consequential punishment as may be stipulated for the breach of the laws?

Owing to the barbarism of the African, we kowtow to criminals who have acquired their wealth through crimes. Again, we venerate our political and traditional leaders who continually look down on us, steal from us and lord themselves over us instead of serving us. This collective dismal attitude by the African is the reason why most civilized white countries look down on black Africans and describe us with all the denigrating adjectives that come across their mind.

They are telling us the gospel truth when they tell you and I, black Africans, that we are uncivilized and live in shithole countries. Our attitudes call for the insults heaped on us.

Look at the irresponsible behaviours of many so-called Ghanaian journalists and their investigative journalists like Anas Aremeyaw Anas. A crook enriching himself at the expense and ignorance of Ghanaians, yet, he is the nation’s venerated investigative journalist feared by all. His passing shadow even sends cold chill down the spine of all. How can you and I, be that STUPID!

I had better go to come back again.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo