Are Ghanaians of Short Memory – Carl Wilson's Car Saga?

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Ghanaians seem to be too forgetful and too forgiving. Not long ago, one Carl Wilson rose to connive with Alex Segbefia, the Deputy Chief of Staff to dupe Ghanaian car importers. Ghanaians have let these crooks go scot free instead of holding them accountable for their misdeeds. I am publishing this reminder article to inform all those that condoned and connived with Carl Wilson to rob Ghanaians of their cars in broad daylight that they will surely be held to account one day.

It beats my gumption to see Carl Wilson been allowed that lengthy time to impound people's cars based on the most stupid or flimsiest excuse so advanced. Carl had his personal computer software able to track and detect foreign stolen vehicles shipped to Ghana. Perfect! Once Carl Wilson tracked down the supposedly stolen cars, they are confiscated and taken to show to Alex Segbefia and probably President Mills to give him, Carl Wilson, a pat on the back for a job well done. Those engineering the seizure of the cars distributed most of them among the NDC apparatchik free. They also sold some to only God knows whom for a pittance. For all that I care to know is where did the money go? In what Government chest is the money realised from the fraudulent sale of the cars held.

There was a rumour that the NDC were going to keep the money to help with their 2012 election campaign. Anyway, does computer genius Carl Wilson not seem to involve entire Ghanaians as accomplices in the car theft syndicate through the selling of the stolen cars and keeping the money? Could Ghana government not have better returned the cars to their original foreign owners? Alternatively, the government could have returned the proceeds from the sales to the countries from where the cars originated.

I will never let the sleeping dogs lie on this matter. I will revive it from time to time until the day Carl Wilson and his band of unarmed robbers see their arse in court or in prison. President Mills kept his silence all the while that Carl Wilson was infringing upon the freedom of others to possess property. Was it not that Carl was helping to generate income for his government or for his 2012 Campaign chest? His silence was only broken when rampageous NDC foot soldiers chastised him directly.

Does the Finance and Economic Minister know how much money was realised from the sale of the cars dubiously impounded by Carl Wilson and Alex Segbefia? Could he come out to tell the nation how much was realised same as he told us how much money then Transitional Committee spent on "kyinkyinka" and tea or whatever? The government should repatriate the money to their foreign owners if certain Ghanaians as alleged stole the cars. It was just a clever way to deprive some Ghanaians of their expensive cars craved by certain NDC greedy bastards, as Rawlings will have it said.

I am now backing on my politics track. Stay tuned!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson