Are NDC so thick not to know why they lost election 2016?

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Tue, 10 Jan 2017 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I have read and heard many and varied reasons offered and assigned by most NDC supporters, activists and leaders to why they lost Election 2016 so massively. Out of the lot, those suggested by their founder and former President Rawlings make more sense to me.

Let the NDC know and understand that they lost the election principally because God and the Ghanaians masses needed a change of government from NDC to NPP. The stench of the institutional corruption brazenly orchestrated and shamelessly perpetuated by President Mahama, his NDC-led government and NDC party had ascended to the higher firmaments to pollute the air of the heavens to the annoyance and near-suffocation of the heavenly beings.

The cluelessness, short-sightedness and cronyism in governance which culminated in what infamously became the “create, loot and share” by President Mahama, his family and Government Ministers and party gurus coupled with the official encouragement of perpetration of lawlessness by NDC scumbags with impunity, were all contributory factors to why Ghanaians in their majority voted to oust President Mahama and the NDC from power.

Were Ghanaians not wise enough to see how the NDC Government and Deputy Minister and party Executives like Johnson Asiedu Nketia, Koku Anyidoho, Allotey Jacobs, and all those greedy bastards and babies with sharp Dracula fangs were ransacking the coffers of the nation as if tomorrow never comes? Who never knew how the NDC guys were putting up personal petro filling stations throughout Ghana through illegally-amassed wealth? They were again never ready to listen to any sound advice or protestation by discerning Ghanaians. President Mahama, a complete misfit and a little-mind for the post of president, shamelessly came out to declare to the whole nation that he would not listen to anyone who had never been a president of Ghana before because such people do not know what it takes to be a president or to govern a nation.

He took the country as his own property; doing whatever he liked with impunity. He decided, devoid of intelligence and common sense as he was, to take Ghanaians for fools who collectively have a short memory hence he could say and do whatever he wanted with impunity. Ghanaians were not that stupid a he assumed.

In doing all their silly things, disrespecting Ghanaians and stealing the nation’s money and resources gluttonously, without respecting the cardinal pivots of transparency, probity and accountability on which their party and government should have revolved, Ghanaians were silently watching them and forming their own decisions until such time that they could make their views and plans known through the exercise of the power of their thumbs at a general election.

Is there any wonder that they voted overwhelmingly for Nana Akufo Addo and NPP to kick the arse of President Mahama and NDC from government? When they were sharing Ghana’s money among NDC radio phone-in serial callers and aspiring murderers to insult and to threaten the lives of innocent Ghanaians, sensible people were taking their actions into account until payback time hence the bloody nose they suffered at Election 2016.

They relied on their secretly-installed machines intended to rig the election in their favour to believe that President Mahama was going to win the election one touch. He rather suffered a disastrous defeat never seen in the history of Ghana by an incumbent president in one touch.

It serves NDC right to have lost the election so massively to unfortunately or fortunately cause some of them to commit suicide as they themselves allege. Blatant corruption, acquiring riches dubiously overnight, love of lawlessness and disrespectfulness and practice of tribal politics and nepotism where almost all Government Ministers and appointees were principally of the President’s northern and Ewe tribal extraction were some of the factors that compelled Ghanaians to vote against NDC.

If they never knew the reasons why they lost the elections, I have today told them. All their alleged reasons and trading of accusations and insults among themselves as to why they lost the election apart from what I have written here are all balderdash. They must be ready to account for their service to the nation and the people of Ghana. They cannot run away from this simple but obligatory request.

Finally, they lost the election by the grace of God in answer to the collective supplication to Him by Ghanaians for a change of government and redemption from Mahama-inflicted socio-economic slavery on the people of Ghana.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson