Are We Now Foot soldiers Or Fooled Soldiers In The NDC?

Sat, 1 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

As NDC leading members are busy walking around like sticks of DYNAMITE looking for TONNES OF FUSES for a GREAT EXPLOSION in the NDC in their quest to ensure the “DESTROY RAWLINGS PROJECT” which was secretly hatched as far back as 2008, we, the foot soldiers have now realized that we are rather FOOLED SOLDIERS and NOT FOOTSOLDIERS.

Those who hatched that diabolical plan to manage the POLITICAL FORCE OF RAWLINGS which is an IMPOSSIBLE TASK ANY WAY, are the number one enemies of President Mills and not, repeat not this writer, because I don’t always write the please anybody since I took up my pen to counter the hostile opposition members in 1984 when they started attacking the PNDC government during the revolutionary era under Chairman Rawlings. I write to provoke DEBATE.

Today, it is now NDC MACHO men against the Rawlings helpless cadres which is EQUAL To a major Explosion that will result in Nana Akuffo Addo riding proudly to the Osu Castle without Sweat. When that happens and will surely happen if General Mosquito refuse to BITE Nana Akuffo Addo and rather decide to BITE Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and the Founder himself.

The President will then get one term as the NDC will lose the 2012 general elections and those who believe in the Rawlings philosophy will then re-organise the NDC while those who hatched the secret plot to do away with the Rawlings factor and turn the NDC into the CPP will now have a free chance to go and join their CPP. The NPP will then have a field day in Ghana by USING the JUDICIARY again to jail their political opponents in the NDC whether they commit crimes against the state or not, and when that happens posterity will never forgive the NDC leadership if they commit this intentional political suicide by ensuring that President Mills loses election 2012 – God forbid, however, God will NEVER forbid it this nasty state of affairs continue to rear its ugly face within the NDC party nationwide for the NDC has travelled a very long way.


To confirm that the NPP government was supporting drug barons and dealing in drugs with impunity in 2007, Mr. Eric Amoateng, the then member of parliament for Nkoransa North was arrested with drugs Heroin in the U.S.A and the NPP did all it could to brush aside the story but it ended up blowing up in their face. The NPP knew that there will be a bye-election at Nkoranza North, so they campaigned in that constituency for 2 years before allowing the by-election to be conducted by the Electoral Commission. From the Obuasi Constituency an order was given by Hon. Ofosu Ampofo, the then National organizer of the NDC, directing the constituency chairman to release this writer to campaign for the NDC during the Nkoranza bye-election. I was given only GH¢6 from Obuasi to Nkoranza, and I squeezed myself and duely reported to the National Organizer at the camp of the NDC at Nkoranza North. I spent 5 days campaigning in the Bush, at Dromankase, Dromankuma, Busunya, Bomiri – the village of Eric Amoateng, “Goli” and “Nadoli” which were mostly occupied by settler farmers from the Upper West Region of Ghana where this writer hail from.

I slept on some packing cases in a single room where Madam Anima Wilson and two other women were all sleeping on the bed, and I always left the room whenever they bathed and was about to change their clothes.

Hon. Anima Wilson, current Deputy Regional Minister for the Ashanti Region was the then Ashanti Regional Women Organiser of the NDC. They used to tell me to leave their room but I shot back by telling them that I am NOT A RAPIST, so I will never leave that room since I was a total stranger in that town.


The NDC lost to the NPP, after the results were finally declared by the E.C; and do you know what? All the NDC members of Parliament and leading party members DID NOT CARE or WAIT to pick the NDC Party agents to the camp, but VANISHED with their Landcruisers to Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region, leaving all the Polling Agents to their FATE in the BUSH including this writer. It was only Hon. Baba Jamal the then Deputy National Organiser of the NDC who stood on his feet late in the night and was heckled and teased by NPP top gurus and ministers of state until the final results of the elections were declared and he appended his signature on behalf of the NDC around 1.20am that day, the remaining polling agents including this writer then sat in the bucket of his TATA PICK UP to the camp around 2:15am through the bushy and dusty roads of that constituency. I was the TOUGH POLLING AGENT of the NDC at BOMIRI and Eric Amoatengs village. My food was brought to me at 4:20pm by General Mosquito since I reached that cocaine village at 5am and was nearly lynched if I had not been smart by outwitting those hood lums of the NPP. For 5 days, I did not bath and I was smelling like a rat, for five days I ate twice including the rice that was given to me by the NDC general secretary. With no money in my pocket and feeling very hungry, I braved the storm.

I joined a Tata pick-up vehicle from the camp driven by Mr. Tawiah Boateng, the Eastern Regional Organizer of the NDC who dropped me at Sofoline, a suburb of Kumasi and I had to walk from Sofoline to Sawaba another suburb of Kumasi to collect lorry fare from my brother in-law, but I met his absence after an hour’s walk from Sofoline to Sawaba, I had no pesewa. I was hungry and thirsty, I was smelling because I never bathed at Nkoransa for 5 days. From Sawaba, I had to take over two hours again to walk to the Bekwai round about and finally to the residence of Hon. Daniel Ohene Agyekum – the then Regional Chairman of the NDC, who after listening to my pathetic story, gave me GH¢40 and I finally travelled to Obuasi. At the residence, I met Mr. Yaw Obimpeh- former Regional Youth Organiser and the current Regional Chairman of the NDC and also Alhaji Sanni Jnr. former deputy Regional Organiser of the NDC and now Regional Organiser of the party BUT TODAY, TIMES HAVE CHANGED, and it is heading for the WORST instead of the BEST as NDC members are fighting their fellow NDC members just because of the Personal Agenda of a selfish few whose eyes are green with ENVY because of Rawlings popularity. How sad. It will be recall that I was sent to take part at the Nkoransa bye-election because my fellow Northerners, notably the Dagaaba and Walas dominated the farming business there as settler farmers so I easily spoke my language to them and explained to them why the NPP candidate should be voted out- Alhaji Sanni Snr. also used the local FM station in Nkoransa to talk to our people from the Upper West Region in the Wala language by assuring them that NOBODY COULD SACK them from their farms to go to the North if they voted for the NDC because Ghana does not belong to J.A. Kuffour and his NPP government. If after all these hardwork, somebody uses his political position to tell me that I am a Rawlings Boy and will never get ANY JOB in the NDC government, I will only VOTE for the President and the NDC parliamentary candidate on 7th Dec. 2012 and rest my case, because northerners are NOT BUUDOZERS TO BE used by either the NDC or the NPP and dumped when they win political power. How can I campaign when my tribesmen are told that I did nothing for the NDC party, while some body who did NOT even cast a single vote for the NDC party, in the 2008 election is now enjoying and throwing his weight about like a pregnant goat in the Obuasi constituency. it is Now or Never for it is a matter of Principles and Reality and the 2012 general election will surely decide the winner. Therefore NDC machomen + NDC machomen = Nana Akuffo Addo + Indian Hemp X Cocaine – Justice + Selective Justice + Political Persecution X Corruption in its worst Form in Ghana = Extreme Violence and Political Instability. You sit down there, plan Evil and play the Ostrich and then see the END RESULTS.

THE FOOLED SOLDIERS So General Mosquito, have we suffered in VAIN since you have stabbed Rawlings at the Back and have started BITING HIM instead of bitting Nana Akuffo Addo? Should the NPP machinery be left intact while die-hard NDC members including this writer BEG FOR JOBS and BEG TO SURVIVE? Are you people telling as that you have FOOLED us and we are now CALLED FOOLED SOLDIERS instead of FOOTSOLDIERS? The point must be DRIVEN HOME WITH ALL THE FORCE IT DESERVES THAT Footsoldiers including THIS WRITER ARE NOT DUMMIES AT ALL. Footsoldiers are made up of people WITH DIVERSE SOCIO-ENOMIC BACK GROUNDS, some of whom are EVEN MORE EDUCATED, MORE EXPERIENCED AND BETTER INFORMED POLITICALLY, and therefore may be in a better position to UNDERSTAND THE POLITICAL SITUATION IN THE COUNTRY at any point in time THAN some of those in political office.

So it is important that government officials and political leadership as a whole MUST BE VERY CAREFUL of what they say, when they open their mouths to critise and condemn footsoldiers including this writer.

If any political party would be able to WIN POLITICAL POWER AND form a government it will depend largely on how MUCH ITS FOOTSOLDIERS are willing to SACRIFICE LIKE I DID AT THE NKORANSA BYE ELECTION and several areas in 2007 and 2008 only to be told by the powers that be in my constituency that I am a Rawlings Boy, so I would get anything. Can such characters approach me again to go and campaign on an empty stomach when I see them putting up houses and buying new cars in less than 2 years, while I RENT A SINGLE Room to stay with my 31 year old son? Some people are wicked, greedy and extremely selfish. We live in the communities and does all the donkey jobs for our political parties but most of the time some footsoldiers are not officials of the party. We are the ones who risked our lives to face THE RAGING FIRE OF THE OPPOSITING PARTY, and in the CASE OF THIS WRITER IT STARTED RIGHT FROM JUNE 4, 1979 TO DATE 2011 AND IF THIS IS THE WAY WE ARE BEING TREATEED OR REWARDED WE WILL ADVISE OUR SELVES IN 2012 BECAUSE GONE ARE THE DAYS WHEN MONKEYS WORKS FOR BABOONS TO CHOP. Footsoldiers Are The Final Wheel on which political parties RUN TO POWER. Some constituency and Regional Executives as well as MMDCE’S must NOT UNDER RATE OUR INTERLLIGENCE at all. Most agitations of footsoldiers always occur because some Regional NDC Chairmen, NDC constituency Chairmen and even MMDCE’s cannot SOLVE PROBLEMS FACING THEM, but a True Leader is somebody who can face problems and solve them. We the Footsoldiers are not hoodlums as some people falsely think. To quote honourable Koku Ayidoho – The NDC will not only lose the 2012 election if Mills is changed but it will be in opposition for the next 100years . On my part I also PREDICT that the NDC will not only lose elections 2012 if the Rawlingses are disgraced attacked and condemned but it will remain in opposition for sometime because the SPIRIT OF THE NDC is with the grassroots and no money can buy them, Ghana is Not Against Rawlings But his own party leadership, so bring it on – Gen. Mosquito and Hanna Tetteh it will FAIL. After 8 years of Hell in the hands of a vengeful and vicious President in the NPP administration, footsoldiers played their part, Constituency Executives played their part, Regional Executives in the 10 Regions played their part. The then Presidential candidate Mills, now the sitting President played his part together with John Mahama, the current vice President who also played his part. Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. NDC Founder and his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings also played their part until the NDC won the 2008 general election to the utter shock of the NPP whose members are still dazed since 2008 to date 2011.

We beat them with JUST 40,000, votes so if the leadership of the NDC play the ostrich and leave the extremely divided NDC party in its current situation and go into the 2012 general election, then President Mills should START PREPARING HIS HANDING OVER NOTES TO THE NPP IN 2012 and forget about continuing his mandate as Ghana’s President after 2012.

The leadership of the NDC must Sit Jerry Rawlings and His wife down as well as President Mills and Vice President John Mahama DOWN and IRON OUT WHATEVER DISAGREEMENT they have among them to enable us MOVE FORWARD because TIME IS NOT ON our side. We, the foot soldiers are watching the NDC party with EAGLE EYES as they fall over each other to snub Rawlings, ridicule him and do the unthinkable by attempting to manage his political Force in the NDC. The political Force of Rawlings is a Natural Gift, so No one can take it away from him, let alone managing it. Look here, nobody has mandated the NDC leadership to CUT RAWLINGS TO SIZE, you must abandon that unpleasant idea and we move forward. President Mills must WIN the 2012 election to continue his good works and hand over to another NDC President candidate in 2017 to enable us all help the President to RETIRE NANA AKUFFO ADDO from active politics after he faces a very humiliating defeat in 2012. We shall DEPORT all the members of the NDC leadership from Ghana if they allow Prez. Mills to be beaten by Nana Akuffo Addo. He is busy trotting round the whole country in his listening Tour while the NDC leadership are surprisingly and shockingly planning to manage the political Force of Jerry Rawlings Who mandated you to do that? Are you really serious to retain power in 2012? I doubt it. The NPP would have remained in power if it were to be a question of development Projects OR MONEY because MONEY LAUNDERING and COCOAINE CASH WERE ABUNDANT for their teeming support alone but they became arrogant and snobbish in their 8th year, while the NDC leadership has become extremely COMPLACENT with some appointees even becoming ARROGANT in their THIRD YEAR in office. I shall return, when the need arise. Somebody must prove me wrong here. We are Fed up with the behavior of the party leadership who are gambling with the precious lives of footsoldiers of the NDC. Is Any body Listening? I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.




Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement