Are We Now Footsoldiers or Fooled Soldiers in the NDC – Part 2

Fri, 14 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Scores of Ministers of state and MMDCE’s have picked nomination forms to contest the 2012 general election as members of parliament.

Among these appointees, we can find dozens of those who financed their cronies, relatives, friends and even girl friends who DID NOTHING to return the NDC to power in 2009 at the expense of competent and true Party Supporters . Had Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings not contested the sitting President at the July Congress, these nasty states of affairs would have surely returned the NDC back to opposition in 2012. We must rather thank the former First Lady than condemning and treating her with contempt. Why on earth should UNKNOWN FACES who emerged from NOWWHERE be looked after at the expense of competent party supporters? With such naked show of power by some MMDCE’S do they think we are FOOLED SOLDIERS or party footsoldiers? Time will tell.

The actions of some ministers of state and MMDCE’s since their appointment in 2009 are more likely to thwart the effort that some party members had made to ensure that the NDC would retain power in 2012. Some MMDCE’S have surrounded themselves with certain TRIBAL CAUCUS that served as their Advisory Teams, a situation which have caused more division in most constituencies nationwide. This is the time for party footsoldiers to show them where the real political power lies.

Once the NDC party structures were NOT working since 2009 to date, some MMDCE’S and Ministers of State were simply doing what they liked. Footsoldiers including this writer who sent several petitions to the National Headquarters and the Regional Level were not heeded at all.

A false remark by One’s Constituency Chairman or DCE to the National Officers even on phone that you are a Rawlings Boy or a member of FONKAR, will destroy any good intention or genuine grievances in your petition and without cross checking the Truth, your petition will end up in a waste paper basket- What a treachery.


Those who under rated the intelligence of the footsoldiers including party Cadres WILL SURELY BE PAID IN THEIR OWN COIN. At Best, People will vote SKIRT and BLOUSE. At Worst, they may not even vote at all no matter the amount of money these parliamentary aspirants may pump into their campaigns. Just to show them that without the support of the people- they are NOTHING. When that happens in 2012, President Mills should blame the NDC leadership for destroying his government and not the footsoldiers, because we are NOT DUMMIES as some of his appointees falsely believe. Any way, these are not my words, but I sincerely believe it is the stubborn truth – mark my words because this article is a credible report from the grassroot where VOTES ARE CAST TO ELECT OUR LEADERS TO PARLIAMENT AND THE PRESIDENCY, some people will surely pay dearly for their Arrogance, Selfishness, Wickedness, Dis-respect, Deceit and power drunkenness when they were in office as government appointees.

It is a fact that no policeman will arrest somebody for NOT VOTING, and one can never be arrested also for VOTING SKIRT and BLOUSE since everybody has a secret vote. Let the NDC leadership sit in Accra and define ways of Managing the Political Force of Rawlings without visiting the 230 constituencies to enable General Mosquito to BITE Constituency Executives and MMDCE’S who have been thwarting the efforts of the NDC party’s forward match, and see what will happen in 2012. Therefore, if the National leadership and Regional NDC officials deliberately REFUSED to address the grievances of competent and die-hard NDC supporters with the Flimsy excuses that these petitioners were Rawlings Boys and FONKAR members, it is now time to pay them BACK in their own coins and damn the consequences, after all, a man is born one day, and he dies one day. Enough is Enough.


Those ministers of state and MMDCE’S who love to hate the Rawlings Boys and relegated them to the background on the instructions, of the NDC leadership or the Castle in Accra will surely be meeting the very Rawlings Boys at the various constituencies. Now that we have been targeted as the ENEMIES WITHIN THE NDC, will they tell us to campaign and vote for them in 2012? Can they now look straight into our faces and call for our support after taking us through this Extreme Unpleasant Situation because of their hatred for the Rawlingses since 2009 to date 2011? If the answer is YES, do they want us to campaign and vote for them to win and turn round to tell us again that we are Rawlings Boys from the white house and so they can not work with us? I won’t go any further, but a word to the wise is enough for This is pay back time. Is Any body Listening? I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.










Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement