Are Zongo people violent?

Tue, 8 Jan 2019 Source: Ahmed Abubakar

Many at times, Zango which is wrongly spelt as Zongo itself as a word is derived from the Hausa language which literally means "a settlement of Hausa speaking traders". the ZONGO community and for that matter, the youth in ZONGO in Ghana are seen by the others as violent people. Well, this kept me thinking about the veracity of this claim. It then took to me to look into the background of residents in the ZONGO communities in Ghana.

I found out that, there are misconceptions with regards to religion, tribe and even place of origin . More so, about 98% of people living in the ZONGO communities are Muslims with Islamic backgrounds. The mere fact that , 98% being Muslims and practising Islam should make anyone who has the thinking that , Violence is the preserve of the people of ZONGO people to think again because Islam is a religion of PEACE and harmony to humanity.

In the present day, Zongo communities in Ghana are a microcosm of people from the lower and middle classes of tribes from both northern and southern Ghana, as well as immigrants from neighbouring countries including Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast, Niger,etc.

The Hausa's from Northern Nigeria are the pioneer settlers of the Zongo. The early settlers constructed makeshift houses with the intention to work hard, raise some capital and return to their locality. As it has usually been with immigration, many adopted their new found place as their permanent home.

Obviously, the uniqueness of ZONGO transcends the connotation of violence. Its uniqueness is about peace-loving, development-oriented and above all the flaming desire to fight against tyranny and injustice in the system.

On a personal level, I have lived with people from the ZONGO communities. The are nice people and very well composed except that, they ordinarily wouldn?t allow for injustice to thrive where possible.

So, for those who in their mind think that , the ZONGO communities or its youth are a representation of violence must rethink about it. For those who think just for the mere fact of a certain group of people standing for their right in a manner that brings peace and restores the dignity and mutual existence must think again.

As far as I know , and to those reading this piece, certainly, are well aware that every society have its ups and downs which , the ZONGO communities/People are not an exception, but, for it to be an indelible mark on the ZONGO communities /People that, they are somewhat violent is an indictment to the PEACE loving ZONGO people.

Columnist: Ahmed Abubakar