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Are black Africans ready to know themselves, accept the truth and face the reality?

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Wed, 3 May 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

Black Africans seem to be living in cloud-cuckoo-land (a realm of fantasy or of whimsical or foolish behaviour) if they think they can conjure things to happen through their infatuation with fasting and praying to God unceasingly without actually doing any hard work.

Their overly adherence to the bible and Christianity coupled with their lack of proper understanding of the principles of Christianity, the black Africans have resigned themselves to fate, hence stuck in the delusion of, “it shall be well with us in heaven”.

Our Christian religious indoctrination that the earth is passing away and that we are just sojourners here on earth so we shouldn’t worry too much about worldly possessions, has robbed us of any would-have-been critical thinking ability. We just accept whatever is thrown at us similarly as a dog lying under the table happily feeding on the crumbs that fall off the table.

I am not against Christianity as a foreign religion introduced to us. Nonetheless, I am against our misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the bible and Christianity. That problem of ours has resulted in our perpetual state of lacking critical thinking so are unable to do anything worthy to qualify us for international recognition as useful human beings.

How do we hope to be useful to ourselves and the world if we continue to believe in solving our problems and getting all our heart desires simply through continuous praying and fasting?

There are known instances where some black Africans believe that the power of prayers and fasting can earn them job opportunities even if they stay indoors without venturing outside to look for jobs.

Prayers should give you confidence and courage to go out to look for a job, believing you can get one, and if you do, it will work. However, thinking you can miraculously get a job you are looking for without going out to look for it is how the black African’s misunderstanding of the Christian faith has made them poor and robbed them of their thinking power.

In Ghana, the pastors and prophets who have inculcated that false hope in us that they can command miracles to happen in our lives have made matters worse for the development of the black African.

The black African abhors the good principles in Christianity but takes after those parts that make them lazy, depriving them of their intelligence.

How do you expect to live a better life after death, lazy and unintelligent you probably are here on earth? I can’t get it.

Is it not said somewhere in the bible that fools will not enter into heaven? And, who is a fool, if I may ask?

A fool by dictionary definition is “a person who has been tricked or deceived into appearing or acting silly or stupid” or “a person who lacks judgment or sense”

By our attitude as Christians, lazy, corrupt and easily misled as we are all in the name of Christianity, allowing the fake pastors and prophets to dupe us, are we not fools?

I am not attacking Christianity but our understanding of it.

In Ghana today, almost everybody is religious with a few being atheists. Nevertheless, the things we do to cause our own downfall make other more intelligent people from other continents think that black Africans are deplorable, worthless and are only good for extermination through systemic slow poisoning.

Let us glorify God by doing sensible things to demonstrate his greatness same as the white people are doing hence the saying in Ghana, “se wo reko pe Nyame ahwe na wo hunu obroni a na wa san”.

This literally translates into English as “If you decide to go searching for God and you meet a white man, just return because you’ve already seen God”. Why is this so? It is because of their abundance of overflowing intelligence and the wonderful things they do physically for the comfort of humanity.

They don’t allow the bible to dictate to them or frighten them as does the black African.

Do we actually learn anything from the truth some concerned people tell us as in the video below?

I am probably unprofessionally fond of attaching videos to my publications, a mocked armchair journalist as I am. That notwithstanding, it is for the visual understanding of the readers to appreciate the seriousness and realities of the messages I put across.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo