Are the Judges in Secret Meeting With NDC?

Sun, 11 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? What on earth could compel the Supreme Court judges arbitrating presidential Election 2012 case to sprint to a secret meeting with the leadership of the NDC at this critical stage?

Eyebrows are raised with tongues wagging when a London-based radio station broke the news on such an on-going secret meeting between the judges and NDC on Thursday 8 August 2013.

? One thing I know is it could not be true. Even if it was, it would not be for influencing their decision by having their palms greased with wads of say, US dollar bills, Cedi bills or pound sterling bills.

Much as I do not believe the veracity of the story, I will however neither discredit it nor write it off as simply a hearsay. In Ghana, everything is feasible with most senseless things happening by the day to baffle people. Such deplorable acts put all Ghanaians to shame except the perpetrators of the acts themselves.

? The nine-member panel judges sitting on the case have a duty to demonstrate their integrity. This case is a blessing in disguise for the Supreme Court to redeem the image of the Ghana judiciary.

The nation’s judicial system is noted for corruption by which, both judges and lawyers are equally tainted to near-irredeemable apex of condemnation and public ridicule. Engaging in any such meetings that will raise suspicion in the minds of people to question the neutrality of the judges, how they can be counted on to deliver fair judgment, will be a further disastrous dent in the already blemished image of the Ghana judiciary.

The judges are to bear in mind that the whole world is watching them. Thanks to the quick thinking of the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood, allowing for the live telecast of the Court proceedings, the judges had better declare nothing but a verdict based on the true reflection of evidences presented to them and gathered at the cross-examinations of the principal witnesses.

The discerning public, observers of course, have already formed their opinion about the case consequent upon what they watched and heard live on television, online on the internet and on the numerous radio stations outlets both inside and outside Ghana. Therefore, the Supreme Court judges must be mindful of the situation. They have the sole obligation to live above reproach by way of declaring a verdict that is legally sound, non-partisan in nature by inclination, assumption, observation and interpretation.

? Their movements, if ill-intended, can never escape detection and reporting as the public’s Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) has beamed her long lenses on them tracking their movements. They are being closely monitored by the hawkish eyes and ears of the world public, they had better notice that.

? I will advise fellow Ghanaians to calm their tempers at this stage. There is no cause for alarm. The judges will be professional when taking their decision. They may help Ghana set a precedent for the whole Africa to look up to copy in future.

? Have the judges been actually holding secret meetings with the NDC? If yes, what for? ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson