Are they young killers or young patriots of the NPP

Thu, 19 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Politics is Driven by Ideas and some people go into politics to influence NATIONAL POLICIES for improving the lives of the masses. To such a group of people, Politics means Equality as the NDC government has been doing since January 2009 under the late President Mills and now President Mahama up to date 2013.

It will be recalled that President Mahama promised to ensure the standardization of SHS feeds nationwide in order to cut off unwarranted charges by some Headmasters/Headmistresses. He further stated that free SHS must be implemented on a proper road map and not because somebody wanted to win the elections in 2012.He further stated that the government had allocated GH¢50million for the construction of constituency duty offices for all members of Parliament and establishment of a democratic fund to enhance the contribution of the Legislature in our quest to make Ghana a better place. That was President Mahama at the IEA forum in Tamale before the 2012 general elections.

However some people go into politics to AMASS WEALTH and if anybody stands in their way they would Eliminate you and have their way and that group of people are the National Liberation Movement (NLM)with “Mate meho” as its local name and later the United Party(UP) tradition which the NPP represent today 2013.The NPP is the originator of political violence and tribal politics in Ghana since 1951 to date 2013.They are the originator of political violence and dirty politics in Ghana. They are the originators of political intolerance and Negative Propaganda in Ghana and they have been fully supported by the print and the Electronic Media since 1992 to date 2013 and the main AGENDA of the NPP and its media collaborators is to destroy the ruling NDC government by all means possible, they don’t even rule out a coup de tat if they should ever get a chance, but when?

During the 2008 campaign for the Presidency 98% of all the FM Radio Stations were aligned with the then ruling NPP government and it was so glaring that a foreign visitor to Ghana will think that there was ONLY ONE POLITICAL PARTY involved in the elections. The NPP supplied clothes, cash and food items to the electorate and gave motorbikes, bicycles, as inducements for votes. THE NPP had UNLIMITED ACCESS to campaign vehicles including 4wheel drives, motor bikes, bicycles, metro mass transit buses etc that could operate in the most remote part of the country. It will be recalled that while Nana Akuffo addressed the people, his Akyem Boys were also busy drinking CHAMPAGNE. None of the Npp campaign team members slept in a village throughout that HITECH CAMPAIGN in 2008.Out of 130 Fm radio stations 98% openly ran pro Npp political programmes and out of 40 privately owned news papers 38 were in full support of the NPP, so they were streets ahead of their political opponents interms of money and logistics opponents


The NPP started their usual FALSE CAMPAIGNING STYLE of spreading FEAR among the population against the prospect of an NDC victory and their media collaboratiors in the FM Radio Stations came in HANDY.

Other FALSE STEPS or METHODS employed by the NPP in 2008 included the production of a “HIT LIST” which alleged the certain Eminent and Respectful Personalities including Pastors, Businessmen,Ministers of the gospel.Journalists and Social Commentators would all be murdered if the NDC won the general elections in 2008.Some of the people named in the infamous “HIT LIST” OF THE NPP were even sent Text Messages Threatening Them. The originators of that false campaign did not realize that it could back fire at all-but it backfired completely.

The Right Rev,Dr,Asante Antwi,a former member of the Council Of State in the NPP administration also claimed to have received Threatening Text Messages. I mean from whom? Only God knows .He was also the one who printed SEVERAL IMAGES OF THE JUNE 4 UPRISING OF 1979 when FIF.LT J.J. Rawlings first came to power, and the idea was to frighten the population to Turn Away from the NDC, but they failed woefully. Five good years after the 2008 general elections NOT A SINGLE PERSON NAMED in the so-called “HIT LIST” of the NPP have been harmed in this country. So what was it? Answer,DIRTY POLITICS was at play. With all these false allegation, threats and intimidations,the full support of most FM stations as well as the Print Media, the NDC beat Nana Akuffo Addo in the second round in the 2008 and President Mahama also used only 40 days to campaign and beat Nana Akuffo Addo hands down in 2012-NANA Addo and his NPP members stabbed 2 NDC members to death before running to the Supreme Court with their Petition where President Mahama again Beat Him Finally because the NDC legal team had credible evidence that were able to convince the 9 Justices of the Supereme Court to confirm the President as the winner of the elections 2012.


1.Alhaji Imoro Adam-constituency chairman of NDC at Kwesimintim in Takoradi 1992

2.George Gulkponi-NDC “Machoman” killed by NPP members in Kumasi in 1996

3.In August 2008,NPP members attacked NDC supporters which resulted in the killing of an 80 year old Chief known to be sympathetic to the NDC at Gusheigu in the Northern Region

4.In February 2009,one Yahuza Yakubu an NPP youth killed Rashid Mohammed of the NDC with the assistance of 4 other NPP members and he was recently jailed by a high court in Tamale to be hanged while 4 others were given 36years each as a captured in the August 21st 2013 issue of the “Daily Guide” newspaper to mention just a few. It seemed as if the thinking of the NDC was that if they adopted a conciliatory approach and refrain from STANDING UP TO THE NPP ONSLAUGHT, it would perhaps make the NPP less aggressive towards them. The NDC was mistaken because such yielding IN NO WAY BLUNTED THE NPP OFFENSIVE and the NDC always appeared on the defensive .Therefore; if the NPP has trained and continue to train YOUNG KILLERS but describes them as YOUNG PATRIOTS they would eventually meet their WATERLOOO like Sir John and Hopeson Adorye,his comrade-in-tongue one fine day.

Is Anybody Listening? I am done. “Jaanbie I waii” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement