Are we a nation under curse?

Sat, 20 Jul 2013 Source: Dugan, Daniel Christian

But for the power of 3 - are we a nation under curse?

The Gospel According to St. Yaw Boateng-Gyan

The source of poverty and hopelessness can be proven to be the result of demonic attacks; and it is also proven that man remembers his Maker more when he is in dire needs. I want to prescribe this state of poverty and hopelessness to Mr. Yaw Boateng-Gyan , the national organizer of the NDC. I believe it would make him fall on his knees daily and cry unto the Lord God of Host and forge a close relationship with Jesus Christ. This will make him rely solely on God and respect Him.

It is really absurd for this politician to make a blasphemous statement that Jesus Christ erred, in deciding to offer His life as sacrifice for the sins which, we including Yaw, commit on daily basis. Wherever he got this from is very strange and I hope this time round nobody in the NDC will come out spinning for him. In some religions such a statement would invite a capital punishment.

Are we an accursed nation? When this republic was born, our first leader made some blasphemous statements and acts that undermined the very authority of the Holy Trinity. Dr. Nkrumah proclaimed himself the Messiah and went on to tell us to ‘seek first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto us’. Apart from this statement been blasphemous and a mockery of Jesus Christ’s command that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and all shall be added unto us, it was also unconstitutional. What becomes of professions and vocations which by the very spirit of the constitution must be seen to be apolitical and neutral?

Some Ghanaians will remember those dawn preaching when the propagandist will sing into our sleeping ears the song, ‘Follow him…He will make you fishers of men, fishers of men…If you follow him, Kwame Nkrumah will make you fishers of men.’ Then at school we were made to sing, ‘Follow Him…If you follow Him…Jesus Christ will make you fishers of men.’ Confusing us about who is really in charge of our lives.

The confusion they will say continue to be basaaa, when child political activists were taken on field trips and asked to close their eyes and pray to God for sweets and surely nothing came forth, but upon asking them to close their eyes and pray to Kwame Nkrumah for sweets, all manner of goodies rain upon the delightful kids. Usurping the Divine Providence and Authority of God was the order of the day.

The very foundation of this republic might have been built on blasphemous attacks on the One and Only True Living God who created us and gave us life. This was what propaganda did and is doing to this country and even as we sang many, many times the choruses of God Bless Our Homeland Ghana; it seems the Almighty has passed us by when these socialists are in power. Well that could be for sure since propaganda has invited curses upon this country and very prominent in the word, Propaganda is the word PAGAN.

The socialists/communists have sewn into this country’s fabric, that reckless attitude of not fearing and believing in God and treating the Holiest of Holiest as if He were a mere human.

We all remember and indeed those you were born and mature at that time, the Gospel according to Jerry John Rawlings when he proclaimed on the mountain top that he does not fear God but love God. This statement was supported by the NDC including the bible believing members. How can you fear someone you love? We were asked. The Scripture said, for lack of knowledge my people perish, because how can someone who claims he or she loves God would not understand the message, Fear God, which is repeated times without number in the Bible? And even Jesus Christ who Yaw Boateng-Gyan claims He erred more seriously than Afari-Gyan, his namesake, warned us not to fear the one that could only kill our bodies but rather fear the one who can kill both body and soul. Was it not this same Christ who removed the myth surrounding God and commanded us to call God, Abba, Father? So if fearing God is not to be embodied in us, why would He give that command? That our very salvation depends on living that Holy Fear of God cannot be brushed away. Yet President Rawlings taught this nation to love God but not to fear Him, after all what hasn’t man seen before?

When leadership makes such pronouncements it is the nation that suffers the curses that are attached to such stupid loose talks. Read Yaw Boateng-Gyan (courtesy Peacefmonline of July 17, 2013):

“Even Jesus Christ, who was sent by God to save us from sin, realized He had erred when he took on the nature of man....He had to go back to God during His last prayer session to correct some of the things He said”, Gyan said. This statement is serious since it is obvious Yaw Gyan is stating nonfactual things which cannot be found anywhere except in his imagination. A little bit of catechism for Wofa Yaw. The sin of disobedience caused man to fall and God promised an offspring of a virgin woman to offer sacrifices for our sins. Before this child was born, sinful men were anointed as priests to offer sacrifices of burnt offerings of birds and animals on behalf of the community including them. God knew the best sacrifice had to be of a sinless person-conceived without sin, born without sin and live without sin. Naturally if you want to wash clean, you use clean water and so only this spotless clean blood of this sinless person can wash our sins away and make our souls whiter than snow. If for a brief moment that person erred, then His blood will also be stained with sin and not be fit for the ultimate sacrifice. The fact that He asked His Father to let the cup pass from Him does not mean He erred in taken that decision. Is Yaw Gyan aware that Jesus immediately said in all these pains and torture, His Father’s will should be the priority and He went on to do this Will of the Father by going through the sufferings and death written down for him before all ages?

If Yaw Gyan and those who think like him feel that Jesus erred in dying for their sins, they should speak only for themselves and leave us out of this blasphemy which carries loads of curses. The rest of us believe Jesus never erred in dying for our sins and pray that His Precious Blood continues to wash us clean and make our souls whiter than snow or calico before we meet Him on His judgment seat.

It took the Power of Three, to save this world and here I am referring to the Holy Trinity. To those who still do not believe in the Holy Trinity where there are Three Distinct Persons in One God, they should just imagine a scenario where a man is a father, a husband and a teacher. There are three distinct roles in this man and he plays them distinctively. I hope Yaw Boateng-Gyan has no problems with this.

The Holy Trinity saved the world and today another Power of 3 is been played up in our faces. The current electoral petition has three petitioners and three respondents. The evidence took exactly three months with three times three the number of judges on the panel and three people called to the witness box on this case. If we are in the Era of the Age of 3, then folks, who is Number 3 on the ballot paper? Nana Akufo-Addo of course. Has the God that Yaw Boateng-Gyan mocks ordained something?

Now is Yaw Boateng-Gyan now seriously saying that organized elections are not free from irregularities? Then why did his party go to court for? We thought they were in court to prove that nothing went amiss during the elections.

The temporal position of power that such NDC people have, should not deceive any of them into thinking that there is no tomorrow and hence they can make those irresponsible remarks about God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Everything can disappear at the break of dawn and they will have to come crying unto the Lord and begging on their knees. Sadly these are the people given places of honor whenever they attend any church function including worshiping this very God they mock at will.

Hon. Daniel Christian Dugan.

Columnist: Dugan, Daniel Christian