Are we all just inherently hypocritical in Ghana?

Wed, 1 Aug 2012 Source: Amenga-Etego, SaCut

Who in this country with the ability and opportunity to surf the internet did not first read from the BBC website that the late Ghanaian President John Evans Atta Mills died of throat cancer?

Did we ask the BBC if they were pathologists? Why has there not been a denial of that BBC story? And why are we now pretending that it was the former president and NDC founder who first mentioned cancer as cause of death? Or do we have selective memories to the extent that we forget this man was answering questions from the same BBC?

And if former President J.J Rawlings said that the ex President Mills could have lived 6-7 months longer if wise advise was given, what is wrong with that statement? After all, in 6-7 months, the NDC would probably have won power again, and if at all he died after that, power will remain in our hands for the next four years. What will be more prudent than that for the NDC?

Are all these noise makers inciting the public against the former president just simpletons? if not, what is difficult to understand in all this?

Is it the 6-7 months (until after election) that is a big deal or the mention of throat cancer that was first known and reported by the BBC?

In any case, when BABA JAMAL, a deputy minister in this same government went to tell foreign diplomats that the ex president Mills was suffering from Throat cancer, nobody in government denied it from the wikileaks reports. He was not even removed from office by the same 'living president'. Which is more embarassing? exposing information about a 'living president' or a 'dead president'? So why try to crucify someone else who is not even the primary source of that same information after his death?

This is why Some of us cannot understand what all this loud noise about the comments of former President Rawlings after the death of ex president Mills is all about? Government has even made further effort to manipulate and mislead the family of the late president for cheap political gain-all in a bid to cover up their own 'crimes' against the late President Mills.

Anyways, Ghanaians are anxiously waiting for the autopsy report. And don't let them tell us they want to bury the man without telling Ghanaians what killed him since government spokespersons have already denied reports of throat cancer. In America, JFK was shot by a gun-man. everybody saw it but there was still an autopsy report to confirm it.

Ghanaians need to know now - even before he is buried- what killed our dear president Mills!!!.?

SaCut Amenga-Etego (NDC Youth Activist) rassacut@yahoo.com

Columnist: Amenga-Etego, SaCut