Arhtur Kennedy on utility bills: Fix the utility charges!

Prez Maha President John Mahama

Thu, 2 Jun 2016 Source: Arthur Kobina Kennedy, Dr.

First, they blamed it on a software glitch. Then opposition energy spokesperson K.T. Hammond blamed revolutions and conspiracy.

Afterwards the President expressed outrage and pledged to fix it. He said "Cabinet today approved the interagency Task Force put together to address complaints from the public regarding the bills and charges being received from E.C.G."

Before this development, there was this false software glitch, there was a human glitch. How does one increase utilities by 50 to 60% in a country that has not seen pay increases anywhere near that?

What was the government expecting when it allowed the increases to go forward?

How can we make investments in higher education and then prevent the students from learning by denying them light in the schools?

Is the levying of taxes in Ghana not reserved for Parliament? Why was MP Cudjoe surprised that the problem is the high tariffs?

It would seem that we only make noise around elections and voting.

Between voting, people need to live and the righteous anger of the people must be roused against the authorities perpetrating this outrage.

It is time to stop resting our nation on the frail backs of the poor, the young and the powerless.

Capitalism is not just about profits, it is also about compassion;being your neighbour's keeper and doing God's work here on earth!

Students need light, regardless of ability to pay. Hospitals need light, regardless of ability to pay.

Even in the US and other places, like Bahrain and India, the poor get energy subsidies.

Let the government reverse the draconian tariffs until it figures out how to cushion the poor.

Mr. President, when we were in Commonwealth Hall, many of us could not have afforded to pay for light. Let's not overburden students with excessive tariff.

Let us develop affordable solar panels and bio - systems that will convert shit into light and be affordable. If Kenya can do it, so can we.

Let Parliament, for once, stand up for the people who elected them and roll back these tariffs.

Let us support the masses in their struggle against these tariffs. LET THERE BE LIGHT!


Columnist: Arthur Kobina Kennedy, Dr.