Opinions Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Arise Ghana youth.... for what?

As I reflect on the "Arise Ghana youth" marching song in my primary school days, and the fact that 75% of Ghanaians (youth especially) want to migrate given the chance, I have unraveled a paradox.

We sang gladly that the "nation demands our devotion", "let us all unite to uphold her and make her great and strong".... Many of us only enjoyed the song, especially when the typical marching drums roll and the bass responds!

It is no doubt that the youth are getting involved in building the motherland, however, it is regrettable to say as the builders build, another group of people see the beauty of the architecture and decide to trade the work in progress for temporary wealth.

See, the youth dominate every workforce in Ghana (maybe with the exception of public service where my grandma could still be 45 years), yet, we only get the cramble from the table of the MEN! Only a few youth are "meaningfully" employed and can afford the basics of life.

Why is it that when hands are needed on the job all eyes see only the youth, but when rewards comes, the youth are too young to enjoy it too!

How many employed youth can afford a three square meal? How many can afford a decent accommodation? How many can afford a Nissan March? How many can gladly extend a helping hand? How many can afford decent cloths? How many can afford an uncle Ebo Whyte play? How many.... HOW MANY!!!

I started hearing since I was 9 that the youth are the future of this country, the future belongs to the youth....when is that future coming? Who even determines that future???

Successive governments have exploited the youth for far too long; we don't need your money, we even don't need you to put us in Nation Builders Corp.... Make it possible for me to rent an apartment with decent facilities, make it possible for me to enjoy a decent bus ride through town or buy a Nissan March, make it possible for me to pay for one month rent, make it possible for me to afford a three-square meal......Make it possible for me to travel to Togo, Burkina, Ivory Coast for "fun". Make it possible for me to fund my education and other personal development needs.

Make it possible for the youth to stay back home!

Columnist: Kojo Botsio