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Arise for your country

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Tue, 4 Aug 2020 Source: Adjei Boakye

Frolicking in Kumasi’s Central Business District, and counting my blessings one after the other, something crossed my mind which I will not on any other day consider a mistake. The question, “Can the teaming Ghanaian Youth arise and fight for the betterment of this beloved country?” kept repeating in my mind.

It is certainly a matter of to do or no to dot but should we decide to do, what would be the most suitable process to adopt to trigger this peaceful agenda. Already, we have lost it; a lot of steps have been missed already. The recent happening in Ghana’s political landscape makes me believe so.

Many Ghanaian youth are wonted to cast politicians in the grimmest of bad light. How do we grow as a nation when those who hold public offices are subjected to innuendos and aspersions? This is not to say, politicians can’t be criticised. I believe in dissenting views for without it, progress would be impaired.

The Ghanaian populace has every right to criticise the Government/Politicians because in doing so, they are put on their toes but not when it smacks of sheer malice and a cancerous desire to undermine another person’s work or authority.

I also believe governance is an art. It has nothing to do with age, the shrewdness of the person matters, his functionality matters, integrity matters ... his track record matters. Incompetence can be innate. You may have an agile body but still incompetent ... Even made manifest in your appointments and delegations but the Youth must be civil in their criticism of people who hold public offices.

It is disingenuous to think that all knowledge and intelligence rest with those not situated on the frontal edge of politics. You can say whatever you want to say but do not for once be deluded into thinking that those manning state enterprises are dummies and domes. You can censure and berate but not treacherous and abusive.

The Youth must learn to treat people isolatedly, avoid sweeping generalisation, hearsay and tell-tales blot one's judgement on certain matters. The tag for 'A' invariably cannot be the tag for 'B' people even within groups behave differently. There are group dynamics nonetheless but often it is a continuum thing.

Indeed, all of us to muck in and help our nation regardless of our political affiliation. This is the best time- a well-calculated one. It is more of communal labour; a responsibility on our part to get on board in the development process. Yes, we deserve better, and we can also lead and lead well irrespective of one's political orientation and worldview.

I have a strong belief, that the Youth can also bring something positive and innovative to the table. The table was mended for well-meaning citizens but not resting joint for the old.

Those great leaders of yore we always count on started like this but with some spirit of gusto, patriotism and activism. Some of their decisions generated a lot of razzmatazz, but they didn't call for heaven to fall. They bide their time and acted tactfully to the betterment of our dear nation. They didn't force the horse to drink, but rather they persuaded it to take a sip. They created a path for us to follow.

We are gradually fading out when it comes to policymaking. We are forced to be in the warm light only in an election year. Sadly, we have been added to the election machinery. We've been tagged as attacking dogs they (politicians) unleash when necessary. It seems we have nothing positive to bring on board.

Ghana's problem is not only the corrupted minds of a menagerie of the populace but the Youth’s inordinate attachments to friendships and old boyism, double standards, subtle elitism of the critical mass to advance anything noteworthy. We suppress progress by taking sides in the national discourses even when it is for the progress of the nation.

A lot of steps and lines have been missed. This is the time to sit and genuflect. We shouldn't wait for them (politicians) to turn the table. We should get involved and help change the fortunes of the nation. We can do better and go far than this.

This is the time for us to rise in a very positive manner, devoid of hatred and politically induced kind of discrimination. We have the legitimate right to remould the state to suit the prosperous Ghana we have been yearning for.

Let us all unite, to fight the small battles ahead. Devotion and dedication can help us win the war.

In the voice of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, “We are all involved.”

I believe Ghana will work, but I say this not without considerable apprehension. My father's generation let themselves away, the stratum before them lived no better. And my generation, the youth presently is not living any better.

Columnist: Adjei Boakye