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Arise for your country

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020 Source: Adjei Boakye

Fellow youngsters of the Republic of Ghana, greetings from the halls of the presence of mind, energy and activism. Hope this piece discovers you in your typical condition of wellbeing.

I have gotten back to continue with scene two of the epistle I began two months earlier subject to the above engraving. Additionally, if I may proceed with a quick recap and overview of the last episode.

In my last epistle, I went on about how the youngsters of this dearest country can contribute distinctly towards nation-building.

Genuinely, it required to do or not to do...and the cycle we can get to trigger this peaceful arrangement. A ton was expressed, and the majority of us agreed in different ways....

As said by John F. Kennedy and I do agree with him..."Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for country." It's time to bring the change inside-out...inorder to move this nation forward.

A nation is being worked with the strong of patriotism, enthusiasm and activism.

It's an ideal time to climb with some level of nationalism, consistency, responsibility and loyalty. The hour of change....and an occasion to take the center stage.

The nation will bloom with our devotion and dedication towards positive change......we are an influencer, and we should recognize it. The new prosperous Ghana we are yearning for, lies on our shoulders.

It's an ideal occasion to coordinate our walk around that mission, a walk of peace and prosperity irrespective of your political affiliation, Tribe or Religion. A walk of newness and positive mindset.

We! in reality we are the right group of people to raise that prosperous Ghana, Ghana that can be answerable for it developmental arrangement without external assistance.

Productive, pleasant and pivotal Ghana is something we should pursue. The youth being the force to drive this notable arrangement isn't out of order...and can not be.

It's an ideal occasion to get ourselves at the focus, handle curiosity or change to push ahead.

It's our civic duty to clean and besides guarantee our evident atmosphere. Another breeze is about to blow, a breeze development, change in attitude and a breeze of peace. A breeze of energy, eagerness, activism and extraordinary leadership.

To wrap up, the country Ghana has a spot with us, and it's our obligation to change business as usual. To construct Ghana beyond aid starts now! Also, it's a mutual obligation. This isn't an ideal opportunity to shift back and forth, not an opportunity to be a spectator...but it's an ideal opportunity to be a problem solver, sufficiently ready to face off the current circumstance.

God favour our nation Ghana and make us great and strong.

Get Involved to build this prosperous New Ghana.

Arise for change!

Columnist: Adjei Boakye