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Arm robbery in Ghana

Arm robbery in Ghana today makes the country unsafer place to do business. Ghanaians in diaspora are finding it difficult to return and settle finally in our dear country.

Arm robbery cases have been registered in various points in the country and yet there have been no solution.

People have lost lives and properties and the government has never come out with any strategic plans to combat these gangsters operating in the country.

Many Ghanaians are pointing fingers on Nigerians, but they have not seen nor heard any decisive words from the government.

Dr Busia instituted aliens complients order and he was condemned and eventually led to his overthrow.

Now the question is shall we allow these aliens to take over our country? Shall we allow them to sow the seeds of arm robbery in our country to destroy our society?

The answer is no, then what is the action we should take as patrotic Ghanaians? Some people are saying we should deport all Nigerians and others are saying the government has to issue national identification cards.

None of these decisions is bad, but the problem is how these people are accommodated? Hoteliers and other money conscious landlords are giving them safer heavens because they are offering them big money.

Our country Ghana is so open and liberal in such a way that anyone can come in and do whatever he or she likes and return safely to his or her country.

It is time for NPP government to take bold decision to eradicate this operations in the country.

If the government is telling Ghanaians to come back home he should also think of our security. As the hen protect its' chicks from danger, the government must do the same thing to protect his citizens.

The so called ecowas would not bring any good thing to the nation, it will rather destroy our fragile economy because of Nigerians.

All nations around us are envying us because of our resources and culture,but Ghana can stand alone without ecowas. That ecowas protocol have to be nulled and void in order to safe our people.

With this friendly protocol, the Gambias took that advantage to kill forty four Ghanaians. Why should the government continue to press forward for west african intergration?

We do not need it now. Good government is the one who protects his people against any external aggressions.

The government is so weak and helpless why? NPP government is gradually loosing its' credibility.

The fact that we are in democracy does not mean that we can not use our military. They are the right security to be used to eradicate this arm robbery operations.

The police are already corrupt, so people are not scare of their operations and it is time for the government to use the military, if they want to continue in power other than that they would loose the next coming elections.

Apart from arm robbery, there are some lebanese who are operating in our system. The aim of these people is to make money from Ghana and go away.

These Lebanese have been working hand in hand with our politicians for decades. Now the number of Lebanese in Ghana is eight thousand. Day in and out they are increasing. I can tell you they are more than daytime robbers. Corruption which has become rampant in our society is originated from them.

Already, they have indirectly sold their country to Syrians because of corruption.

Go to Kotoka International airport (cargo section). The offices there are own by Lebanese. As far back as 1997, Ghanaians were renting every single office for US$300, with one good year advance payment and none of them has ever complained in order not to loose that facility.

Does it make sense for any Ghanaian to rent an office from a foreigner and pay in dollars?

Who gave them that authority to charge in dollars? If it is true that all of them are businessmen and women won't there be any signs of improvement in our country?

I hope, my coutrymen and women would support me to put pressure on the government to flush out these aliens from our country.

Hostilities and prejudiction from Ghanaians are reaching the highest point and this can lead to anything if the government does not take immediate action towards all foreigners in the country.

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Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

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