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Art thou not a modern day Baal Prophet – Prophet Kobi?

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Mon, 6 Jun 2016 Source: Rockson Adofo

The bible tells us that the Baal prophets would only prophesize the messages that the Kings would like to hear but not what (the truth) they should hear hence they were tagged as false prophets.

They never told the Kings the unpalatable truth for the fear of being persecuted or executed. They always prophesized false messages that gave the Kings false hopes until the Kings and the Baal prophets met their sad end when the wrath of God ominously descended upon them.

If they had told the Kings the truth, they would have refrained from their bad ways to walk in the path of God. Had they walked in the path of God, they would not have encountered the calamities that befell them; ending up dying miserable deaths.

Similarly, Prophet Kobi, in spite of all the uncountable problems faced by Ghanaians as a result of the poor administration of the nation by President John Dramani Mahama and his NDC government and party, he still has sweet prophetic revelations for them. He claims God has revealed to him to tell Ghanaians that President Mahama will win presidential election 2016 at the first round, thus, “one touch”. Find his prophesies by the web link below.


Has God appointed President Mahama, a totally clueless, incompetent and markedly corrupt person, to punish Ghanaians because of our sins or the sins of our forefathers? If not so, how would God in the face of all the hardships Ghanaians are going through as a result of the deliberate misapplication of policies and procedures by President Mahama and his tribally-inclined incompetent government, assure him of another four-year term in office, if Prophet Kobi's revelations were true?

Is God deaf to the supplications to Him by the numerous suffering Ghanaians entreating Him to effect a change in government from NDC and President Mahama to a more competent, honest, dynamic and dedicated person and government? Is it what Prophet Kobi is telling Ghanaians by what I see as his Baal-like prophesy in favour of President Mahama?

Prophet Kobi goes on to say NPP will shoot people when they go to election 2016 and come out vanquished. This is according to the prophetic revelations made clear to him by God. Read the web link below for the details of his claims.


By Prophet Kobi, a very popular presidential candidate from a very famous political party will collapse and faint during the 2016 electioneering campaign. This is according to the revelations made transparent to him by God.

He subsequently entreats all Ghanaians to pray for Ghana and that individual to avert the calamity that will befall the nation and that individual.

If my views were sought on Prophet Kobi and his prophesies, I will say the following:

• He is not any credible prophet of God but a complete fame-seeking and a stomach prophet who is worse than the condemned biblical Baal prophets.

• He is making his predictions which he claims to be prophetic revelations following the unfolding events of late, where the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, is stubbornly putting in place structures that will facilitate the rigging of election 2016 in favour of President Mahama.

She has refused the registration of almost all the students of the tertiary institutions on to the voter register during the recently limited registration exercise. The IGP plans to gag the media and also block all social networks during the election. These are just two of the pointers clearly forming the solid foundations of the claims by Prophet Kobi who attributes them to revelations from God.

• He is one of the numerous false prophets in Ghana who stands to claim credit for their prophesies as having come to pass whichever way it goes, thus, whichever side the coin falls. They always say, God has revealed that this calamity will befall this person or that person but if we intercede through the power of earnest prayer to God on their behalf, the calamity can be averted.

When nothing happens to the person as he had predicted, he will take credit by saying because they prayed for him or her. If something happens to him or her, the prophet will still take credit by saying I warned you all about what was going to happen. These false prophets, as psychologically astute as they are, are always in a “win – win” situation.

• Is it not normal for exhaustion to take its toll on people engaged in across the country extensive electioneering campaigns with the possibility of one fainting but not dying? If that happens, is it prophetic revelation? Is it not more of practical situation than prophetic? “Oo hoo”, Prophetic Kobi!

I do not trust Prophet Kobi one bit! Yes, there will be a problem should NDC clearly be seen to rig the election in their favour. Many a Ghanaian suffering from the economic hardships under President Mahama has decided to vote for a change in government come the conduction of election 2016 scheduled probably for 7 November 2016. These people will not keep quiet and sit on their arse doing nothing. They will react angrily. This is just common sense and human nature. Why should Prophet Kobi let it come across as a prophetic revelation from God?

To me, he is simply a quack prophet who is far worse than the Baal prophets of ancient times.

He is seeking favour from President Mahama. He wants to be in the good books of the corrupt President in order to receive his fair share when the President is creating, looting and sharing some State money among his favourites.

No wonder that many a Ghanaian has truly lambasted Prophet Kobi when he came out with his doubtful prophesies. His alleged prophesies are indeed the fruits of the figment of his warped imagination.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo