Asantehene's Foot-Dragging is Strangulating the Development of Kumawuman

Thu, 21 Apr 2011 Source: Fosu, John

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One tree is said not to be able to make a forest. Does it also not take two to tango? Why then is it that almost all Kumawuman citizens are sitting on their ass while Asantehene cunningly connives with his girlfriend, Kumawuhemaa, to dupe Kumawuman in a broad daylight? Actions are said to speak louder than words. Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II by his actions and inactions as so far vividly exhibited, could well be said to be in some sort of secret agreement with Kumawuhemaa to deny Kumawuman of their precious God-send chief.

The current crop of Kumawuman citizens is far worse than cowards. They are taking cover under selfish individualistic interests as against an expected concerted effort to stand up to question the rationale behind Otumfuo's adopted delay tactics to solving the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. I shall never cease to castigate Otumfuo for allowing himself to be ruled by his heart rather than his head when it comes to the Kumawu chieftaincy case. Was I the first person to go about announcing that Otumfuo is in bed with Kumawuhemaa? No; the queen herself was the one going to the hills and valleys of Kumawu trumpeting their secret relationship. Do I care about Kumawuhemaa being head over heels in love with Otumfuo? No, I don't. It is their own business as two consenting adults. But I cannot stand the resultant nonsensicality of their affair. Why on earth should their affair become a stumbling block to arbitrating the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, I should like to know?

What is preventing Asantehene from seeking the response of Kumawuhemaa to her consultation with her elders on the "Asantehene Ntamkese" that was invoked on her almost four years ago? What is preventing Asantehene from calling the disputing factions with their stakeholders to give a public account of their royalty and how it was acquired? Justice delayed is said to be justice denied. Otumfuo should take cognizance of this wise saying.

It is just unfortunate that almost all the suffering Kumawuman citizens have docilely allowed themselves to be taken for fools by Asantehene, Kumawuhemaa and the Krontihene? The Kumawu paramount Kodua Stool does not belong to the supposedly Ankaase royals yet, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is directly assisting them to have a strangle-hold on it. Is it not for his special relationship with Kumawuhemaa? Kumawuman is losing out the longer the case drags on. Kumawu is a shadow of itself former self yet the people within the town as timid as they are continue to accommodate the corruptness and nonsense by the queen.

For how long will Kumawu especially, be left at the mercy of nature while Kumawuhemaa and the Krontihene continue to misappropriate the wealth of the area? I have said a lot about the illegal activities-cum-embezzlement both persons are neck-deep involved in. Is Asantehene not aware of this? What is he doing about it? Does he have the welfare of the people of Kumawuman at heart? I am afraid not. I am currently investigating a tip off where Kumawuhemaa may likely be involved in some dodgy deal with another Omanhene. It revolves around financial impropriety. I will publish my findings once all the evidences have been gathered.

For how long should I continue to be a "One Man Thousand" fighting for the greater interest of Kumawuman when the people themselves have intentionally chosen to be cowards? I have nominated Kwasi Adu a.k.a Last Day and Opoku Mensah alias Yaw Mensah to take upon their shoulder the mantle of prowess and agility of the young man David, to deliver Kumawuhemaa and the Krontihene a fatal blow yet they still remain nonchalant. I thank one Yaa Nkosuaa from Italy who assigns a reason to why Last Day and Yaw Mensah can never fulfil the request as tasked. They relate to the queen somehow.

May I plead with the members of the Kumawuman Association in Accra to step in to act according as is expected of the once brave sons and daughters of Kumawuman? Be also careful of the wolves in sheep skins among you. It pains me to see Kumawuman not being able to use the opportunity God presented to you on a silver platter. Who will lead a throng of peaceful demonstrators to Manhyia to point out to Asantehene how his actions are ruining Kumawuman and who should I send?

God has chosen a ruler for Kumawuman since the very day Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II kicked the bucket but Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Kumawuhemaa, and the Krontihene are trying hard to prove God a liar. The consequences of such actions will be dire in the end.

Are the agitations taking place in the Arab world of any value to our traditional rulers who see themselves as Omnipotent and Omniscient? Are they learning any lessons from them? They should be told that "no condition is permanent" The cry of Kumawuman citizens for a change has reached God Almighty. God did answer their supplications years ago but they are still struggling to see its physical realisation. Beware of the greedy ones that are bent on proving God a liar. Who are those "greedy bastards" as Rawlings will put it? Your guess is as good as mine.

John Fosu

Columnist: Fosu, John