Asiedu Nketiah(Gen. Mosquito) Called Rawlings A Dog

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Sarpong, Justice

"General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu-Nketiah has said that issues and personalities that chased away Dr. Obed Asamoah from the ruling party had themselves been eliminated. “Now the barking dog whose actions forced you out of the NDC no longer exists, so I would have been surprised if you had continued to stay outside…” Asiedu-Nketia said on Saturday at a home-coming ceremony of the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) members who were rejoining the NDC at the Arts Centre in Accra."

The titubant and bandersnatch Asiedu Nketia also known as General Mosquito called Rawlings a barking dog and milquetoast Obed Asamoah agreed. What a strange world we live in. Whoever thought it will be NDC members who will embark in this destructive campaign to malign Rawlings and in so doing send that blood thirsty corrupt party back to opposition in 2013? God work in mysterious ways.


How dare Asiedu Nketia refer to Rawlings as a dog? This mosquito would not have seen the sun rise the next day during the killing fields days from 1982 to 2000. Those were the days when Mrs Rawlings used to threaten those who were not in line with the popular saying,

"WO DI AGORO A, MESESA WO DABERE" For calling Rawlings a dog, Asiedu Nketia would have been singing the chorus with the silent majority with the three Judges and my senior, Kyeremeh Djan.

"Touching on the merger between the DFP and the NDC, Dr Asamoah said the lack of internal democracy and the use of violence and intimidation against members with opposing views in the NDC were things that precipitated the breaking away of the DFP. He said now that those tendencies no longer appear to exist, remaining outside the NDC would suggest there were reasons other than those stated for which the DFP was formed."

Rawlings has not endeared himself to the Mills horde of supporters but calling a man who has made it possible for this mosquito man to put some meat in his sunken face and helped him aquire mansions in Accra, Vancouver Canada and London a dog is even too much for some Rawlings enemies like myself. How did Mills enemy, Obed Asamoah end up in Mills camp and the man who made an unknown University Professor the President of Ghana because of the Swedru declaration is now a sworn enemy? Professor Mills was an unknown quantity until Rawlings elevated him as a Vice President and eventually imposed him on NDC as its Presidential candidate in 2000 in what has become known as the Swedru declaration. As the saying goes; In politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies but just permanent interest. As somebody who hates NDC to the core, this is good time to be an NDC hater. Now Boakye Gyan, the idiot extraordinaire and spineless Obed Asamoah have found their voices after Mills deftly clipped Rawlings claws.

So Mills in his professorship wisdom has exchanged Rawlings who is a votes magnet for losers Boakye Gyan and Obed Asamoah in his quest for a second Presidential term and believes this is a good exchange? Boakye Gyan stood as an Independent Parliamentary candidate at Jaman constituency, his hometown and managed a measly 8% of the vote in losing that constituency to the NPP candidate, so what does he add to the NDC? Practically nothing if not subtracting votes from NDC. What about Obed Asamoahs DFP which went back to NDC?

The DFP Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Ansah-Antwi in 2008 Presidential election garnered a measly 28,539 votes nationally, .33% of the total votes, less than half of 1% and NDC is happy to exchange these votes with at least half to one million votes the Rawlingses bring to NDC by calling him a "BARKING DOG"?

Obed Asamoah is what is known as a political prostitute and he has a history to back this assertion up. He is not a man anybody can be in the same room and go to sleep with both eyes closed especially when the keys to the money safe is not locked up at Fort Knox. He is an opportunist who will warm his way to the power brokers now in control of Mills and will start to undermine his administration.

This is what a forum contributor by moniker, "Gye Nyame" said about this Mills and Obed 'marriage of convenience' and it is an apt description of the situation on the ground.

"Mr Rawlings brought Prof. Mills in and that was his sin. Obed and his people left beacause of Swedru. Today Obed is with Prof. Mills and Mr Rawlings is the enemy? Is Prof. Mills sleeping or dead? Seriously, I don’t see how Obed or Boakye Gjan helps NDC other than an attempt to aggravate and gang up against the Rawlingses. It sounds like a political suicide since this move may alienate the fool soldiers. Oh! NDC paa…"

Am I happy about the NDC negative internal wranglings? You bet I am. Though I believe even with Rawlings if Ghanaians vote by comparing the record of NDC and NPP, they will reject Mills by overwhelming majority but Ghanaian voters also use other personal interest apart from what the record is in casting their votes and if Rawlings was to participate in campaigning for Mills, it will make the election very close. By exchanging Rawlings and Konadu Agyeman Rawlings for losers Boakye Gyan and Obed Asamoah, the chance of Mills winning a second term is slim to none and slim just walked out of the door.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice