Kofi Adams takes Ghanaian villagers for fools!

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I heard Mr Kofi Adams from the NDC folk grant a radio

interview to one of the Ghana FM radio stations about a week

ago. In the course of the interview, he spelt out one of the

NDC’s strategies they have adopted to win election 2016

without wiping off much perspiration from their face and


From what he said, I could see him underestimate the

intelligence of the Ghanaian villagers. He said, “We shall

go to the villages (hinterlands) throughout the country and

ask the villagers to bear with us since all shall be well

with them one day. We shall persuade them to vote for

President Mahama and the NDC in the upcoming November

general election. We shall tell them that President Mahama

has constructed roads, built hospitals, built schools and

provided potable water to many people. The benefits of what

President Mahama has done will soon be felt by the people so

they should vote for him.

Like when someone is sick and is taken to the hospital, the

person will be given an injection before the person’s

sickness can be healed. Injection is painful but until you

accept it, you cannot be cured of your illness/sickness.

Similarly, without good roads, hospitals, schools etc., one

can never experience better life. So President Mahama has

laid the solid foundation for a better life for all by first

providing or building schools, constructing roads and

building hospitals and bridges. Therefore, they should

accord him a further second 4-year term to enable him

complete his good works to bring better life to all and


He insisted on the effectiveness of his

“sickness-hospital-injection” analogy to persuading the

Ghanaian villagers to vote for President Mahama and the


Why did he say the NDC will go to the villagers with that

message but not to the city dwellers? Is it because the

villagers are far removed from knowing the truth about the

NDC as being shameless liars, propagandists, corrupt and

incompetent whereas all these facts about the NDC and

President Mahama are made bare to the urban dwellers on

daily basis?

Before proceeding any further, may the reading public permit

me to define two or three words or terms that I have used

above, or will soon be using in the course of my analytical


VILLAGER: A person who lives in a village

HINTERLANDS: A part of the country that is far away from the

big city areas

BLUNT: To make something less sharp; having an obtuse,

thick, or dull edge or point

SHARP: having a thin cutting edge or a fine point;

well-adapted for cutting or piercing; happening suddenly,

quickly, and strongly.

SYRINGE: A hollow, cylinder-shaped piece of equipment used

for sucking liquid out of something or pushing liquid into

something, especially one with a needle that can be put

under the skin and used to inject drugs, remove small

amounts of blood, etc.

Back to the clearly deceptive and insulting analogical

electioneering strategy intended to be employed by Kofi

Adams and the NDC to court the votes of their so-called

villagers, Rockson Adofo who hails from a village,

(Kumawu/Asiampa) in the Ashanti region has the following

counter analogy to make.

Yes, in Ghana unlike the Whiteman’s land (e.g. Europe,

USA), when a patient goes to hospital and is not given an

injection, they don’t think to have been treated by the

doctor. So, let them get the injection. However, a sharp but

NOT a blunt syringe is to be used. With sharp new syringes

used in the Whiteman’s land to inject (seldom done) the

patient or often used to draw blood from the patient for

blood test, the pain felt by the patient is quick; it lasts

only a second if not a fraction of a second.

Is it the same sharpness of the economic pain that the NDC

is inflicting on Ghanaians that they are asking the

villagers to bear with them by voting for them? NO!!!!

When one uses a blunt syringe, the pain will last much

longer as the needle cannot easily pierce through the skin

or the vein of the patient. Several attempts may even have

to be made before the syringe (needle) can enter the skin of

the person. Just imagine how painful it is!

This is the socio-economic condition in which Ghana is at

the moment under the President Mahama NDC administration.

Why should Ghanaians continue to put up with such a never-

ending socio-politico-economic suffering under the NDC

government? This type of suffering is comparable to being

administered injection using a BLUNT syringe instead of a

SHARP one.

Who among the readers will go for an injection when a blunt

syringe is being used given an option between the use of a

sharp needle and a blunt needle?

Even in the Whiteman’s land, animals that we kill to

consume are to be killed humanely but not savagely. They

have laws to ensure slaughter houses use means that will not

prolong the pain of animals when they are being slaughtered

for human consumption. The pain must be sharp.

Why should Ghanaians continue to suffer prolonged pain that

the NDC feel to explain it away using Kofi Adams’ absurd

analogy? Does Kofi Adams think the fact that one was born,

or lives, in a village, makes the person a fool?

The villagers, like the city dwellers, are no longer going

to put up with the blunt economic pain being inflicted on

them by the NDC. While many people suffer continuous pain,

President Mahama, Kofi Adams and some NDC members and their

cronies do not feel any pain at all, whether sharp or blunt.

No wonder that they plan to go to the villagers to tell them

lies; taking them for BIG FOOLS whose intelligence can be

taxed any day any time with impunity.

I shall campaign to counter all the lies the NDC will be

spewing in attempts to garner more votes from those living

in the villages. We, the villagers, will not continue to

allow ourselves to be fooled by the NDC, the most

unprecedentedly corrupt government and individuals never

seen in the annals of Ghana’s politics.

Yes, we the villagers have no access to information on the

current and daily unfolding thieveries, gargantuan

corruption, and perpetuation of lies by the NDC because we

have no electricity or batteries to power our radio sets.

Yes, we the villagers do not travel a lot so we do not feel

the pangs of hunger and transportation problems hence Kofi

Adams can come to us with his useless analogy to persuade us

to get our votes free of charge.

Let it be understood by the NDC that if we the villagers

were fools sometime ago, now, we have wised up!

The NDC will go even if they eat “pusa kenten ma”!

I call on all ordinary Ghanaians to join me to vote for Nana

Akufo Addo and the NPP in the upcoming general elections. We

need a change from being administered injection with a blunt

syringe under the NDC to being administered injection with a

sharp needle or not being administered any injection at all,

under the NPP. Under the NPP, we shall not suffer needless

sicknesses hence there being no need for injection.

Kofi Adams, here comes the No-Nonsense Rockson Adofo to

counter your bushman-like views.

Rockson Adofo

(Written on Wednesday, 13 April 2016)

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson