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Ato Ahwoi Has Set an Example of Dealing Political Insults

What is an insult to somebody may not necessary be an insult to another person. Freedom of speech and everyone’s opinion either right or wrong disclosed are inseparable in the modern democracy breezing in Ghana for other African countries to imitate.

How did the current freedom of speech come about in Ghanaian society? We must gracefully glorify and thank our former president John Rawlings for maintaining freedom of speech from the year 1992 when he managed to terminate coup detat by putting his life in dealing with all the potential political war-mongers such Kutun Acheampong, Afrifa, and the rest. In 1980s, Rawlings was able to eliminate all such potential political war-mongers for you and me to enjoy such current cold-political breeze in the country. Moreover he was able to ensure freedom of speech by allowing other political parties especially NPP to campaign and criticize him from 1992. In 2000 he (Rawlings) did handover peacefully which is not commonly seen among some African leaders: but he did by handover to NPP (John Kuffour). John Kuffour identically sustained the freedom of speech by imitating from his predecessor (John Rawlings).

Having known the genesis of the current freedom of speech in the country, it is very curious and vitally important also to know the genesis of the current political insults in the country. How and when did the current political insults start? Political insults started from the camp of NPP in the year 1993 when they made false pictures of man of the current democracy in the country (Rawlings), naked by murdering somebody offshore. They made another false picture of him (Rawlings) drinking human-blood. NPP started using pictures and images to insult Rawlings that he is being the most devil person and a typical Satan-agent in the country. The insults to Rawlings became even worst when NPP spent more than thousands of US dollars to bring Kofi Wayo from the US to campaign for them. Kofi Wayo called Rawlings a prostitute and bitch son; somebody who doesn’t know his father.

Just recently, it was very laughable to see and hear somebody called John Kumah who is extremely hungry for politics to insult nobody than all Ghanaians father, President Mills, in order to get some cheat entrance into Ghanaian politics to become famous. This John Kumah must thank Mr Rawlings for ensuring freedom of speech and for John Kuffour also to continue. However John Kumah and NPP people must curiously know that freedom of speech got its limitations and if you go beyond that you would face the legal consequence. Kumah called the president and Ato Ahwoi gay partners. President Mills has decided not to deal with such person ( Kumah) who is thirsty for politics by releasing him from the police custody, however, Mr Ato Ahwoi wants to take a further action to deal with such hungry-political person to court. Mr Ato Ahwoi is being on the right track to send a signal of how properly to deal with insults in politics.

The arrest of Kumah by the police is just similar to what happened during the Kuffour’s ruling terms when a young child called him ( Kuffour) “ President otuakwan” meaning “president of travelling only” during one of his( Kuffour’s) scarce tour in the Ashanti Region in the country. Consequently, the child was arrested and later on he (Kuffour) unhappily intervened to release him. If you as an NPP supporter or executive saw nothing wrong with such arrest of the child by the police service in 2005 then the arrest of Kumah by the same police service shouldn’t be something surprised and embarrassed to you.

However Mr. Ato Ahwoi is doing pretty good thing by dragging Kumah to a court to set a good example of how to deal with political insults in the country especially Akufo Addo who has been accused of being a drug addict. We want to see Akufo Addo taking such issue to a court to deal with those who accuse him of being a drug addict. He (Akufo Addo) must be on his two feet to escalate it to any court of his choice. Even his accusers especially Daily Post newspaper is willing to be in court with Akufo Addo over his drug addict allegation. If Akufo Addo doesn’t want to do it then it means it is not an insult to him to be called a drug addict but if you as NPP executive or supporter and you think it is an insult to your flagbearer, Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag the accusers to court.

If you think the police should have also arrested Boama Otukonor instead of only John Kuma during the panel discussion and you are unhappy with that, Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag Boama Otukonor as well as Ghana police service to court.

If you think Hon. Baba Jamal (deputy information minister) insults NPP executives more than anyone, Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag him (Hon. Baba Jamal) to court.

If you think Hon. Ablakwa has insulted Akufo Addo and Kuffour as the most corrupt people in the country, Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag him to any court of your choice.

If you think Agyenim Boateng has insulted former NPP ministers as tax drivers or “certificateless,” Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag him (Agyenim Boateng) to court.

If you think Hannah Bisiwa, the current deputy minister of Water Resources, Housing and Works insults Akufo Addo every minute and you are unhappy with that, Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag her to court.

If you think Stan Dogbe, Vanderpuije, Koku Anyidoho, and Ama Benyiwa Doe like insulting NPP people, Mr. Ato Ahwoi has set an example for you, drag them to court.

What is an insult to somebody may not necessary be an insult to another person. Now ask yourself, yes, you the reader if consciously you or any other NPP person cannot drag any of these above-mentioned persons to court then they have not been insulting as John Kumah has done to president Mills and Ato Ahwoi.


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Columnist: Agyemang, Stephen