“Ato Wee Hu A ?”

Fri, 19 Aug 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

The National Democratic Congress [NDC] propagandists that have captured all the radio and television stations as well as the print media seriously defending the party in power had no hint of the presidential mansion story.

It was just meant to be a gift from the Regimanuel Gray Estates Limited to the incumbent president Professor John Evans Atta Mills as a show of appreciation of demonstrating quality leadership so far.

There was no suspicion that the story will leak into the public domain. No suspicion that different meanings will be given to the estate developer’s intended gift to the president.

Both parties were confident that it would be like all the other transactions which have already taken place in our time where despite the disagreement of the people documents were signed.

The president’s office was assured by the estate developer that all would be well by presenting the gift when completed whiles his office also assured the estates limited of regular payment of rent and other facilities as latest documents have revealed.

So it seems strange and unfair to both parties that the agreement between them has been exposed creating a political platform for the opposition parties as well as ordinary Ghanaians to chastise the president and for that matter Better Ghana government currently in power.

But can you blame the media for exposing such deals going on between the office of the president and that of the estate developer? No since that is their work of conducting investigative stories and let the people know exactly what is going on so they can make inform choices.

In recent times, the ordinary people have been complaining of lack of employment, high school fees, high rent, expensive cost of living and the likes but anytime they do and the president responds, he blame his predecessor for causing the problems for him to inherit.

Even if former president J.A.Kufuor created some of the problems for him, he can also be praised for putting up the presidential palace for his successor president John Evans Atta Mills to occupy after he has handed over power to him.

But what happened? He refused to live in such a fine edifice rather insisting on many reasons such as lack of security arrangement at the place to enable him stay in his private residence.

There is no big deal about him staying in his private residence. But let us ask ourselves whether is fair for the ordinary Ghanaian to see a president who insist on probity and accountability to receive a gift of a mansion from an estate developer of which the state has already provided one which he does not want?

Just take a keen look at the number of people who undertake various commercial activities in Accra every day but do not have a place to put their heads when the sun goes to set.

Oh, look at innocent disabled persons who sit in the scorching sun at 37 lorry station to Kotoka International Airport junction all the way to Madina station who beg for alms everyday with majority of them crawling on the floor.

Don’t forget those who sleep in kiosks everyday after going about their dog chain selling business because they do not have a place to put their heads were taken away when the floods came.

It would have been better for the president to ask the estate developer to donate the money it was going to spend in putting the suppose gift together to the social welfare to cater for those in need than building that mansion for the “ SOLDIER ALAFIA MAWONANSO,” guys?

It is not fair for the president to accept a gift of a mansion from a real estate developer either for his comfort or for his “ALAFIA” guys whiles ordinary workers are seriously complaining of cost of living.

It is not fair for the president to accept a gift whiles the money in putting the gift together could be used to house and train our beloved but rejected physically disabled people to become skillfully employed and integrated into society.

Is that the meaning of I care for you as he promised the people which elected him to office as president?

Maybe, since he has to protect himself very well in order for him to perform some magic wand in his last 17 months ahead of him as the head of state in fulfilling his promises.



Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.