Attah Mills and NDC should stop their dirty works

Sun, 30 Apr 2006 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

If Attah Mills thinks his former NDC ministers and their leader John Jerry Rawlings can get way with their deceptive behavior, Ghanaian haven?t forgotten what his administration did to our former leaders, and citizens of Ghana. Many people are involved in politics today because they are looking for position instead of purpose. For many of them their individual self interest comes before a purpose. The NDC founder Flt. John Jerry Rawlings, who was an Army officer who could not manage his own personal finances while he was borrowing food from a food seller and paid it when he received his paycheck was able to make a coup to overthrow the government that was elected by the people of Ghana and rule the country for twenty years.

This Rawlings killed three heads of state: Lt Gen, A. A. Afrifa, Gen I. K Acheampong, and Gen, F.W.K Akufo who were all Akans were killed for unjustified reasons. Jerry Rawlings once claimed that these individuals he killed had misused state funds and were corrupt. Some of their friends were able to secure loans of fifty thousand cedis from the banks. As a result of that they were criminals

If we compare his behavior to these three heads of state he executed, has he done far more inadequately than they did? Rawlings and her wife acquired many properties than these former head of states he slaughtered, but he is still alive today and still talking nonsense.

When Rawlings came to power with his bloody coup, he adopted Karl Marx's theory of economic policies for equality. Rawlings was able to confiscate Mr Siaw?s Achimota brewery including his buildings at Makola from him for no reasons. While Rawlings has converted these buildings into markets for her wife Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and E .T. Mansah?s wife at Makola #2. While the late Mr Siaw who was an educator, died and his children are suffering while Rawlings children are enjoying. Now Rawlings is the riches person in Ghana, his wife had secret foreign accounts in South Africa. All his Children are living in United Kingdom haven better education and living an affluent lifestyle. How can John Evans Attah Mills is going to justify this to Ghanaians? John Jerry Rawlings did not use the due process of law before executing these heads of states.

As a law Professor you are criticizing the current administration for doing the right thing by using the constitution to persecute Rawling?s wife and her cronies, for their avarice corruptions activities. Now Attah Mills is warning Ghanaians that this could lead to a social-conflict in the country. I have a message for you and your NDC members, Ghanaians are not afraid of Rawling & co. If you Attah Mills consider the aforementioned reasons I have stated to you: does Rawlings and his cronies deserve to go scot-free? We will continue to put peer pressure on the current administration to bring all NDC members who have misused state funds including you to Justice. This shows to Ghanaians what kind of politician Attah Mills is, you are very firebrand person that the country does not need. Attah Mills is a politician who does not want to face reality, but wants to rule the country.

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi