Ayisi Boateng’s half-baked apology fit for the Marines

Ayisi Boateng1 George Ayisi Boateng

Sun, 5 Nov 2017 Source: theheraldghana

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so says the scripture.

George Ayisi Boateng, Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, after his explosive ethnocentric comments, placing some Ghanaians, above others, finally apologized.

His apology, however, came after four days and not before he was invited to the seat of government by the Foreign Affairs minister, Shirely Ayorkor Botwey.

The apology from the word go, was not honest and not borne out of regret. The man, has lost the right to represent the country.

His utterances, which was intended to put members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), above others, was unbecoming of a diplomat.

There is no way; he would do anything different from what he promised. He has drawn the line for Ghanaians in South Africa, who are not members of his political party, when in trouble and in need of help, they will think twice, before going to him for help.

His apology, is a little too late, he justified his statement on a radio station in Kumasi, a day after his despicable utterances, when he addressed TESCON members, at the Kumasi Technical University.

He has not shown enough remorse and Ghanaians cannot continue to pay him, to discriminate against them.

We have reached a stage in our democratic experiment, where leaders must learn to take responsibility for their actions. In other jurisdiction, this man will not spend a day in office.

If it took the intervention of the Foreign Affairs Minister, to invite George Ayisi Boateng to the Flagstaff House, before he could issue the half-baked apology, then there is no sincerity in it.

Characters like George Ayisi Boateng, should not be allowed anywhere near our national politics, all they seek is to divide and sow seed of discord among us.

He did not even apologise for what he said, but rather apologizing for the effect of his utterances, such a shame.

Columnist: theheraldghana
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