Ayisi Boateng's statement a manifestation of failed leadership in Ghana

Ayisi Boateng SA Commissioner Ghana's Ambassador to South Africa, George Ayisi Boateng

Sun, 5 Nov 2017 Source: Denis Andaban

I have been mute for a while now though there are a lot of issues begging for my attention. I have done so not for the fear of insults I have been receiving for my critique on national issues, but have realized that we now have a government who is so clueless that it does not want to hear of any opposing views. No wonder many people who were very loud during the previous administration have ran into hiding, despite the many disastrous and embarrassing situations this ten-month-old government has led us into.

The media that is supposed to be helping the ordinary Ghanaian ask certain questions, cannot find its voice again. It does appear that we are now instilling a certain culture of silence. That is quite unhealthy to our democracy and its potentials. It is this culture of silence that has made way for this family and friends government to continue to demonstrate arrogance, incompetence, dishonesty, outright lies and its violence orchestrated through party soldiers. Let me leave that for another day as I succinctly zoom into some ugly statements I have read, purportedly coming from a certain "NPP High Commissioner"

I find it amazing that many are surprised over the statements made by Ambassador Ayisi Boateng.

Though Ayisi should have known better and not "okro mouthing" such "street like" statements, he indeed spoke the mind of the NPP and Nana Akufo- Addo. That has been the agenda of this government since it came into power. Who didn't see and continue to see those party hooligans who are roaring around like hungry lions? Did they not sack other Ghanaians from jobs, confiscated state properties and continue to terrorize citizens? What has happened to them? They are more Ghanaians. You don't need any rocket science to know that the statements from that "bigot" is a representation of the NPP grand agenda. Don't you see the lame and incoherent defence coming from their communicators?

The only worrying situation that somebody who represents a whole nation and is supposed to understand diplomatic issues chooses party over nation. His statements of unfair favouritism for the NPP indisputably put his office into disrepute, subjected the image of Ghana to international ridicule and an absolute breach of oath of office. Any serious President would have dismissed this bigot with immediate effect. Sometimes, I am tempted to believe that the President of Ghana is not in charge. The best the "competent" president succeeded in doing is that He (the president) called the ambassador to the Flagstaff House and begged him to issue a faked unremorseful populist diversionary apology.

It is very pathetic that our nation known for its strong democratic pillars is being pulled apart by desperate and selfish politicians. The President has a little reputation to protect and sacking that party bigot, can help him protect that little integrity and reputation. "The best way of disciplining your puppy from soiling your dining table is by forcing it to eat its own vomit."

The ambassador goofed and must go!!!

An ambassador cannot behave like a serial caller and thinks he has the wherewithal to protect the image of Ghana.

What is more lugubrious is the fact that he continues to make more insulting statements after discerning citizens have ostensibly ostracized his egocentric and partisan inclined posture. Indeed, the public opprobrium greeting the matter has not given Ayisi Boateng enough warning to turn over a new leaf. I implore readers to read the news item below:


So Ayisi Boateng has the temerity to call the bluff of the president and Ghanaians over his own ugly statement? Is this not an indication that some party elements are more powerful than the president? Well, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely "

I have since been listening to and reading some lame defence coming from the apologists of the NPP and all I can say is that many of the NPP folks who are defending this indefensible statement are rather more patriotic to their party than they are to the nation. That is the reason why they must bootlick such antidemocratic politicians who take pride in selling their ignorance and unfairness to the whole world with pride. What a pity!!

Some media houses who are supposed to speak the voice of the ordinary citizens like me are rather working assiduously to divert attention from the issue by as usual making mischievous headlines and throwing mud at the former administration. This country is an interesting place to live...

At the peak of insecurity and abundant lawlessness arising from the rampaging militia groups, what cohorts of the NPP want us to do is go and sleep, wake up and praise them for implementing Free Senior High School. Funny!!!!

All the higgledy piggledy in this country today is as a result of failed leadership, crass incompetence and absolute lack of control. No wonder party soldiers are becoming more powerful than state soldiers.

God save us!!

Columnist: Denis Andaban
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