Can GHC50 buy your Precious Vote?

Thu, 15 Nov 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The intelligence of Ghanaians is not being underestimated but also, completely insulted. It is alleged that the NDC are desperately trying to woo as many electorates as they can onto their camp by fictitious means. What are they doing, one may ask? They are secretly flipping sealed Christmas cards containing Ghana fifty New Cedi note (GHC50) underneath people's doors. This is a Christmas gift to you.

They hope to influence eligible voters by this one-off Christmas offer. What a Christmas come too early for some people. If the allegation proves true, then I have questions to ask not only to the NDC or whoever is behind the offer but also, to who is accepting it.

To the receiver, how often have you received such a surprise Christmas offer, waking up to find a seasonal greetings card containing sufficient money to purchase you "bronya akoko?"

Have you engaged your conscience on the debate of why the NDC is this time around offering you a Christmas gift of GHC50? How long will the money last you if indeed, you have received such an offer? Be wise like the serpent. Do not allow anyone to take you for granted. It is an insult for the NDC to attempt to bribe you with just this peanut sum of money with an intention to get your vote.

To the NDC, what has prompted you to slip Christmas cards containing GHC50 underneath people's doors at the cover of darkness? How could you access such homes to do the delivery? This is NDC for you. What are your intentions for such sudden Christmas gift? How often have you done it? From where did you get the money to do that? Is it from the fraudulent judgment debt payments of which you have been fingered? Is it the crumbs that fell from the fifty Cedis notes you recently replaced? How did you come by the money you are freely distributing, I want to know?

To Ghanaians once again, please do not allow NDC to fool you. Rather choose free SHS education than free one-off GHC50 note. Let me educate you on how you will be, sorry to say, stupid, by accepting GHC50 in exchange for your life-changing vote. One Dr. Asemfoforo of the NDC fold was given two brand new cars, one from John Mahama and the other from the NDC party. This man says the two free cars are not enough but needs some more or else, he will not campaign for the NDC. His argument was though he campaigned tirelessly for the NDC to garner more winning votes in 2008, the NDC soon forgot him on assumption of power. As the NDC government Ministers and appointees are voraciously amassing wealth on the back of his toil and sweat, he had been left to the precarious mercy of Satan, only to be tormented by poverty. If two cars worth about GHC 30, 000 are not enough for him, will you not be the biggest fool  ever if you see GHC50 as more than enough to let you part with your vote? As Dr. Asemfoforo has one vote, so do you. Why should his one vote worth more than GH30, 000 and yours just GHC50? Answer me, please.

There is one other NDC radio phone-in serial caller resident in Kumasi. He also claims the three motorbikes the NDC government and party have given him is not enough. He needs more cars. He says his three motorbikes pale out completely when compared to the gargantuan wealth and fleet of cars some NDC people like Okudzeto Ablakwah, Koku Anyidoho and John Mahama are enjoying. What do they think you are and what do they take you for? Please ask yourself. Are you that cheap and stupid to be bought over with GHC50?

Please show the NDC that though you are poor, you are not stupid. Vote them out on December 7, 2012 for insulting your intelligence. Choose “adi daa na eye” over “adi preko”. I advise you to choose free Senior High Secondary education, free maternal care, respect for human rights and the rule of law without selective justice under Nana Akuffo-Addo’s government. Do not go with the visionless, “can’t do”, lawless, highly corrupt and incompetent NDC government under the most questionable character, John Dramani Mahama.

Having said this, the choice still remains yours. My duty is complete after presenting all the facts vividly before you. As God gave us the freedom to choose between RIGHT and BAD, so do I permit you to choose between the NPP and the NDC. Each choice comes with consequences. It could be good or bad. NPP stands for right as it is in the case of God while the NDC stands for bad. With RIGHT you go to Heaven while with BAD you proceed to Hell where the daily gnashing of teeth and torment is.

My Christmas greetings to you all. I am taking a break from the computers so do not worry if you do not hear from me for the weeks and months ahead of us.

DJ Sources, see you later. Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson