Prayer for peaceful, free and fair election (2016)

Fri, 19 Feb 2016 Source: Sarpong, Kwadwo

God of infinite Majesty, you sustain your creation by your emcompassing wisdom. Look upon our country Ghana at this period of civic decision making. This great and peaceful nation which you created waits to elect Her leaders. All authorities come from you and unless you build a city in vain do the builders labour. We are sure that in all things we must seek your assistance believing that all things work together for the good of those who revere and love you.

In our difficult moments in the past you help us and we are fully confident that you will come to our aid now. As we prepare to elect those who are to lead us at the local government, state and national levels, endow us with the spirit of love, discernment, right judgement, sincerity of heart and courage to do this.

May you never allow human deception and intrigue to discourage and mislead us. May we go out to vote for leaders who will be true shepherds after your heart, leaders who will use the natural and human resources with which you bless our country to serve us and improve our spiritual and material well being.

May we choose leaders who will think less of themselves and their kiths and kin but rather who are competent and concerned with the improvement of all citizens. Leaders who will not use their citizens of this country as human shields, but rather consider every citizen’s life as equal as their own.

May we also choose leaders who have the fear of God and also respect and affection for God’s creation. Enlighten our politicians to be less selfish and more altruistic. Teach them to use dialogue and not violence or chaos for campaigning for votes.

May they show affection to their opponents rather than hatred. May they desist from using occultic and devilish means in seeking our mandate but rather through intelligent and realistic programs of activities. God of infinite mercy, look upon our joblessand unemployed youths who may be used as instuments of destruction and discord. Give them the courage and wisdom to resist the temptation of money or any material things and empty promises for carrying out inhuman acts which all serves as vanity aspect of life.

Send your guardian angels to guide, guard and protect them. Grant us a peaceful, free and fair election through Christ our Lord. AMEN





Columnist: Sarpong, Kwadwo