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Sun, 15 Feb 2015 Source: Asare, Isaac Amoah



We have reasons to believe, after our painstaking

checks, that the Electoral Commission (EC) is

resolute in its decision to further entrench the

illegality it has perpetuated all this while by

treating the Natriku electoral area at Akuse as part

of the Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region

instead of the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of

the Eastern Region.

This is a clear breach of (Article 5) of the 1992

Constitution and a blatant disregard for the

authority and rulings of no less a court but the

Supreme Court. What is more? The EC would also

not go by the directives of the Local Government

Ministry to hold the assembly election in the

Natriku electoral area under Lower Manya Krobo.

The Constitution is explicit on the step by step

approach to changing regional boundaries and yet

the Ministry of Local Government, together with the

EC and strangely, Parliament have made rather sad

attempts to do this without recourse to the law, an

action that seems to have embolden the EC to

continue treating the electoral area in question,

originally an electoral area in Lower Manya Krobo

in the Eastern Region, as part of the Shai Osudoku

District in the Greater Accra Region.

It is quite amazing, to say the least, watching the

EC do this and planning to repeat that illegal act

even in this upcoming assembly elections slated for

March 3, 2015. We are left wondering what the

motivation is especially when the LI 1983 has been

declared null and void by the Supreme Court,

followed by several such rulings all in favour of the

people of Manya Krobo.

In a democratic country like Ghana where the rule

of law must not only work but seen to be working,

actions like these are certainly not the best of

precedents and even more so when persons and

institutions that should be checking these seem to

be looking on unconcerned.

Sincerely, as far as this issue is concerned (and to

us as Krobos), the constitution of the land is fast

becoming a mere book of advice and it is only

appropriate that since nobody is giving us a

listening ear, we bring it to your attention again as

the President of the Republic in the hope that you

will cause the right thing to be done. Attached is a

copy of our most recent letter to you on the


We trust that you will give us attention.

Yours sincerely

Henking A. Adjase-Kodjo

Director of Commutations

Tell: 0266 000 ...

Email: klonobi2007@gmail.com

CC: The Chief Justice

The Speaker of Parliament

The Executive Secretary to the President

The Konor, Manya Krobo Traditional Council

The Commissioner, Electoral Commission

The Minster, Ministry of Local Government and

Rural Development

The Inspector General of Police, Ghana Police


The Minister, Eastern Region

The Secretary, National Peace Council

The Regional Commander, Ghana Police Service

The District Commander, Ghana Police Service,


The Chief Executive, Lower Manya Krobo Municipal


The Member of Parliament, Lower Manya Krobo

Mr. Godfred Dame-Yeboah, Akufo Addo and

Prempeh Chambers

Akuse Matse, Asada Ahor I

The President, Manyaklo Foundation

The Chairman, New Patriotic Party (NPP)

The Chairman, National Democratic Congress


All Krobo Youth Groups

Background information:

In 2010, a Parliamentary Sub Legislation

Committee, acting on the Local Government

Instrument 2010, LI 1983 (Creation of New District

Electoral Areas and Designation of Units) illegally

aligned seven (7) Electoral Areas - Zongo New

Town, Akutue, Osorkutu, Bungalow, Amedeka,

Salon and Natriku- at Akuse, originally part of the

Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern

Region to the Dangme West District (Now Shai-

Osudoku District) in the Greater Accra Region,

sparking off a boundary dispute that led to the

suspension of the assembly election in the entire

Lower Manya Krobo municipality.

Subsequent to that, attempts were made by the EC

during the 2010 District Assembly Election to rope

in the candidates of the seven disputed Electoral

Areas into the Assembly elections under the

Dangme West District, leading to a near bloody

attack and months-long closure of the EC’s office

in the Manya Krobo District.

As a result, the Manya Krobo Traditional Council

secured an injunction to restrain the EC from

conducting the elections in the entire Manya Krobo

Municipality, rendering the Assembly empty until

December 2013.

After what proved to be a costly legal battle

spanning a period of one and half years (December

2010 to June 2012), the Supreme Court declared

the said LI 1983 unconstitutional and retained the

seven electoral areas in Lower Manya in the

Eastern Region.

Following the ruling, the Chiefs and people of

Manya Krobo prevailed on the EC to organize the

election which was eventually held in December

last year excluding the Natriku electoral area. Till

date, the EC would not offer any reason for

omitting Natriku in our elections which were held

about a year ago, instead, plans are underway for

the people of the area to vote under Shai Osudoku

(Greater Accra region) in the upcoming assembly

elections to further entrench the illegality.

Columnist: Asare, Isaac Amoah

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