Opinions Sun, 11 Dec 2016

Be A Cheerful Looser

By SaCut Amega-Etego

I didn't do politics in university. Actually, at uni, I worked as an electoral commissioner and student's Attorney -General because I was already involved in national politics.

But at polytechnic, I started politics. I first run as sports and entertainment secretary. Elikem Kotoko was my mate in C-Poly and he run for SRC President at the same time I run for sports and entertainment secretary - and he won.

I was not a sports man. And I am still not one. However I loved entertainment and I still do.

I had been involved with school radio for sometime and therefore was an entertainer of students.

It was in 2005 when I run for political office for the first time. I was very famous during the campaign. Everybody called me "SaCut TheGeneral" because of my militant apparels. It was my style.

I think I was charismatic and my gimmicks excited the students.

On the day of manifesto reading I got more fans than any candidate. Some called me JJ Rawlings. Others called me Fidel Castro. And a few called me Commandante Che Guverra - all because of my public gimmicks which I acquired naturally.

Before the elections I was more than confident of winning - fooled by the funs.

After elections, I was massively disappointed. The votes did not reflect the funs. I had to get a shave to mourn the famous defeat. My mates will testify.

The following day I was not easily identifiable on campus because of the extreme make over.

The first person I met was the dean of students. He was called Mr. Manu. He was hugely surprised to find me smiling. He said to me,

"SaCut, I was impressed with your manifesto performance and your public speaking skills. But the students didn't vote for you, yet you are smiling. You are a "cheerful looser". Keep it up".

That was the first time I heard that phrase - cheerful looser- I have never forgotten it.

But all I know is that I never gave up as a young politician just because I lost that one election in school. I have remained a politician since then.

Every politician must learn to be a cheerful looser - like me!

I love politics!

Columnist: Amega-Etego, SaCut