Be Careful When Dealing With NPP Members â?? Final Part

Mon, 17 Mar 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

By 1979-22 years after Ghana’s independence in 1957, Ghana had six leaders namely Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ‘General Afrifa” who overthrew him, Dr. K.A. Busia, Col. Acheampong, General Akuffo and, Jerry John Rawlings, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah led Ghana into independence and took office in 1957 ushering in the beginning of self rule and Democracy for the people of the Gold Coast who were now very proud of an independent nation called Ghana. Dr. Nkrumah’s party, the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) had absolute power because the United Party (UP) which represents the Danquah/Busia group boycotted the formal opening of Parliament in protest to Dr. Nkrumah’s newly independent Ghana. This group shamefully declared that the Blackman was not ready to rule himself yet, and so the Colonial Government should continue ruling Ghanaians. It was clear that the British Colonial Governor had wanted Dr. Busia to win the general election in 1956 to enable him lead Ghana into independence but he failed by losing the elections. He then decided to subvert the new government of Dr. Nkrumah from a far after being assisted by the dreaded C.I.A Operatives of America to go into self imposed exile. he exported bombs, grenades, weapons and several cartons of soda water, which when well shaken in a hot climate were thrown into crowed CPP Rallies and the splinters of broken glass injured several innocent CPP supporters. In 1958, an attempted coup was made by Major Ahwaitey of the Ghana Army and Mr. R.R. Amponsah of the United Party then led by Chief S.D. Dombo since Busia was in exile in the U.K. I then beg to ask-what was Dr. Nkrumah’s offence to warrant his over throw after his first one year in office? The answer is that they wanted power AT ALL cost through the back door and they were fully backed by Britain and the United State of America- you see, in just one fine day, the United States will break up like the former Soviet Union with different Presidents or be crushed by the World’s most secretive state North Korea or even North Vietnam because of American treachery and the poking of its long nose in the internal affairs of foreign governments including telephone tapping, mobile phone bugging, computer bugging and constant spying on all nations around the world if the United States claim to be all that powerful economically and politically and had appointed herself as the World Police man by force, why should she be looking over her shoulders 24/7? It is a sign of weak might and cowardice. My only job is to educate the youth in Ghana who form 80% of the population to make their choice. The Danquah Busia group which the NPP represent today 2014 made several attempts to overthrow the great CPP government of Dr. Nkrumah. We had Mallam Tula, R.R. Amponsah, Obetsebi Lamptey, Yemoh, I.C. Quaye and several others who started throwing bombs, grenades and Soda water in bottles into crowds of schoolchildren, supporters of the CPP and the general public whenever there was a gathering for any National event. be it independence day, sporting event or any other national event that Dr. Nkrumah was speaking at, these bombs, grenades and hot bottled soda water were thrown into the unsuspecting crowd of innocent Ghanaians. Dr.Busia and the UP group arranged to bring in weapons and military equipment through the former Ashanti Goldfield Corporation now AngloGold Ashanti to overthrow Nkrumah in 1966. The military equipment including weapons were marked thus “MINING EQUIPMENT; and shipped through the Tema Harbour and “General’ Afrifa then a Brigade Commander came for the weapons from the AGC Mine. General Spears was the then General Mines Manager of AGC in 1966, so when Nkrumah was finally overthrown- He stated on BBC that Ghana was NOW SAFE for investment. Dear reader, do you now see the subversive roles played by some Multinational Companies in Ghana since independence in 1957? We now import matches which used to be made in this country because of the bloody coup of 1966. we now import wireless sets which used to be manufactured here, I mean we import almost everything that was made or were manufactured in this country including lorry tyres, so the blame must be placed on the doorsteps of all members of Danquah / Busia group which the NPP represent today 2014 and their police and military counter parts who crippled Ghana in February 1966. Afrifa held the reigns of power from 1968 to 1969 and ensured that Dr. Busia won the 1969 elections and became the Prime Minister after having used the Center for Civic Education as a stepping stone to canvass for votes for 3 years at a time the ban on party politics was not lifted by the NLC Military Junta in 1966. Dr. Busia’s government was extremely corrupt, politically intolerant, manipulated the judiciary as today’s NPP did when they were in power from 2001-2008. Busia sacked thousands of people from their jobs and abused government power, and abused peoples rights and the NPP did exactly the same thing under ex President Kufour. Most of the positions in the NLC were given to members of the Danquah / Busia group in the Ministries, Departments, Industries Agencies, Ports and Harbours, Mines and Energy their cronies and families. These were the Attorney General – Victor Owusu, Chief Justice-Edward Akufo Addo, Brigader Afrifa was made Minister of Finance and Economic Planning & Trade. Dr. Hilla Limann & K.N.Arkaah were appointed members of the economic committee.


In 2004, when the NDC was in Hellish opposition, members of the National Pick Pockets (NPP) bribed Dr. Nii Armah Joshua Aryeh with three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) when he was the then General Secretary of the NDC . The party dismissed Joshua Aryeh out right and he stole two cars belonging to the NDC and have never returned them up to date 2014, yet this was the same man insulting Ministers of state and the sitting President calling them thieves without mentioning a single name. Dr. Joshua Aryeh’s corrupt behavior led to the defeat of the NDC in 2004. I f he wants cadres of the UCF and strong party supporters to descend heavily on him, he should continue to always speak before he think. Chains of degrees does not make one a good politician and Dr. Aryeh is one such character . Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings have not got a good General Secretary for her NDP Party yet- she must look else where for a better and honest embittered person from the ruling NDC government to replace Dr. Joshua Aryeh the bribe taker and car thief. The founder and Presidential candidate of the NDP is too honest and more patriotic as to have Joshua Aryeh as the General Secretary of her political party. Joshua Aryeh as NDP General Secretary has rather reduced the MARKS OF THE PARTY. My dear Madam No Nonsense Iron Lady, a word to the wise is enough. Have a good day as the great mother of the NDC or do you think that we shall allow you to go solo and form a Rival Political party against the NDC which you sacrificed so much to build into a formidable party? The answer is a big No – You just keep your fingers crossed and wait to hear from me. Is that clear? The NPP managed to poach Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings by convincing her to from a political party and cause the defeat of the NDC in 2012 and God did not accept their misconceived agenda and their plans back fired-they rushed to the Supreme Court and it back fired once again. President Mahama will walk to and from the Flag Staff house for 8 years until 2021.

Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwail” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement