Be Careful When Dealing With NPP Members - Part two

Sun, 23 Feb 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Imperialism thrives on division, and so long as there are some Africa and leaders to be bought with presidential office offers, Swiss bank accounts, expensive mansions’ and villas in Europe, an effective political and economic unification of Africa will remain a big dream. Unless Africa controls its resources, it can not forge a political unity which will define how it will use that resource for the primary benefit of its people. The late Dr. Nkrumah knew how this force had been the TWIN BROTHER of a global vicious capitalist system operated down the ages with its array of historically developed institutions of control. Nkrumah was a clear headed student of imperialism but he was helpless and alone against a pernicious force. In the coup of 1966, the myth of a political Armed Force in post colonial Africa was exploded, for it was made evident by this singular event that the Army of an independent nation should be organized to serve the nation. When that nation is not really independent, but subservient in both its political and economic arrangements to External Forces, the Army of the nation will only served as a protector of the interest of those external forces in return for shining boots, new mess halls stocked with booze and a new set of uniforms, and modern weapons to match. The NLC Military Junta by 1967, took a very short time for the Generals and their political mentors to learn the bitter truth that if total subservience and self abasement to a rich External Master does confer economic development and benefits upon a country then the in dependent republic of Liberia would have been a paradise in West Africa by now. Besieged by growing and worsening economic problems, the solders and policemen who joined hands to stage the bloody coup de tat on 24th February, 1966 decided to return to their barracks but not empty handed. Each of them had done pretty well materially, Brigadier Afrifa, by the end of his career was a Lt. General and he owned a large farm complete with houses and uniformed peasants. But in order to guarantee themselves an ADEQUATE PEACE OF MIND after leaving office, it was necessary that their REAL FRIENDS and ALLIES from the United Party led by Dr. Busia take over from them. That was exactly the nature for the 1969 elections. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre I maintain that Dr. Busia won the 1969 elections as far back as 1966 when he assumed the Chairmanship of the Center for Civic Education, and a member of the political committee of the NLC. When Brigadier Afrifa became the Chairman of the NLC Military Junta after Gen. Ankrah was forced to resign over bribery allegations made against him, Busia’s victory at the polls in the 1969 elections was very much guaranteed. Bogus ballot papers were inserted by a team personally directed by “General Afrifa and Mr. K.A Gbedemah actual paid the bitter price for his betrayal not only of Dr. Nkrumah but also his own youthful nationalist dreams when he believed that his place was in the ranks of the Neo-Conservative lot and their politics of dependence on the props of Global Imperialism. When the military seized power on 24th February, 1966, it was logical that their allies would be these “Learned Men” from the United Party led by Dr. Busia-the British products that even in the ranks of the dreaded National Liberation Movement (Matemeho) had not lost their true aims, namely POLITICAL POWER over the whole country. Beside the officer class of the army were British trained and they had a close social link with the EDUCATED CLASS leading the United Party that violently opposed Dr. Nkrumah from 1951 until his violent overthrow in February 1966. They were both cut from the same imperial British cloth. True is be told Ghanaians really have very short memories indeed? It is remarkable to observe that the United Party led by Dr. Busia were a group of violent politicians who were very vociferous about the claims of Local and Regional Autonomies or Federalism as the foundation for an equitable and balanced constitutional order in 1956 IGNORED these very claims completely when their time came to draw up a Constitution. Their much praised Federalism option had been forgotten, and yet they (United Party Members led by BUSIA) killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in their political fight with the late Dr. Nkrumah just because of federalism between 1951, 1954, 1956 until the 1966 coup d’état. The reality proved to be different when Busia the “Democrat: became Prime Minister and was faced with the demands of power and office. He proved venal, capricious and dictatorial as your nearest Communist dictator’. Now on whose behalf do governments in Africa hold power? They claim to hold it on behalf of their own people, but most African leaders hold power on behalf of foreign governments from the West and Multinational Corporations in the Mining and Oil Sector. These are the bare facts. Dr. K.A. Busia’s attempt to re-organize the Ghana Army and get rid of senior Ewe army officers in 1971 so as to eliminate military threats to his government, appointed Lt. Col Acheampong to fill Brigadier Twum Barima’s position as Commander of the first Infantry Brigade, and it was Adeampong an Akan from Busia’s tribe whose troops executed the coup on 13th January 1972 and not the much hated Ewe officers.

Is anybody listerning? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwail” Aluta Continua!


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement