Be Honest and call a Spade a Spade – Mr Kwesi Pratt

Tue, 15 May 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

To be honest with my readers, it sometimes irritates me to hear how Mr Kwesi Pratt presents his submissions on issues on air, a persistent radio studio panellist as he is. He makes certain over-generalization as though he personifies the folkloric Kwaku Ananse in terms of possession of wisdom and intellect. The legendary Kwaku Ananse was claimed to be, and still is the wisest person ever to live on earth. This is according as narrated by Ghanaian folklore. Mr Kwesi Pratt, the self-styled social commentator, critic, and political analyst with in-depth authoritative knowledge of issues of concerns to Ghana and Ghanaians, is becoming bigger than his brains can carry him.

On countless number of occasions, Mr Kwesi Pratt has come hard on anything originating from the opposition parties especially, the NPP. To me, he does best what he does only to justify the rumoured gargantuan monthly US dollar-salary he draws from the NDC party and government. He wants the public to see him as the good sycophantic boy doing his master's bidding, breathlessly running errands at the beckon of his NDC paymasters. A newspaper (The Insight) owner and editor as he is, he still has ample time on his hands to become a paid roving ambassador for the NDC to the radio studios.

I wonder how he feels in his heart of hearts and mind of minds when he pops into radio station studios to exhibit his blatant partiality in favour of his employer, the NDC. The questionable attitude in portrayal by him suggests of his mental blindness, deafness and being a person who glorifies lies. Upon all the glaring incompetence, corruption and the dismal near-tyrannical attitude of the NDC, Mr Pratt still holds them in high esteem. He prefers the NDC's lies to the truth as currently pertains on the ground just to protect his easy-earned dollar-salary.

He has as usual come to condemn and attack Dr Bawumia's recent lectures meant to shed light on the state of Ghana's economy. Dr. Bawumia from the abundance of his overflowing fountain of economic wisdom has dented the credibility of the NDC's much-touted Better Ghana agenda. He has punched irreparable holes in the NDC's Green Book. He has proved that the alleged attainment of Single-digit inflation that makes the NDC proud is just a farce. The alleged Single-digit was arrived at without due consideration of the determinant economic variables. Most people are suffering with me inclusive. They cannot afford two decent meals a day let alone three yet Kwesi Pratt with the NDC administration is happy about a fictitiously existing single-digit inflation figure. Our pockets are as empty as it was never before yet Kwesi Pratt and his other dishonest NDC sycophants want us to believe that Ghana is much better under President Mills and that Single-digit inflation really exists.

Can Mr Pratt tell me the practical situation that confirms that single digit inflation really exists in Ghana as we speak? What are the justifiable pointers to indicate in the lives of Ghanaians the much talked about prevalence of the NDC's single-digit inflation in Ghana? Kwesi Pratt who lacks economic comprehension has rather the guts to insult the intelligence of the economic wizard or technocrat, Dr. Bawumia. He compares Dr Bawumia's economic analysis to disprove the attainment of single-digit inflation in Ghana to the behaviour of NPP serial callers. What an insult to all the wise citizens of Ghana. Is Mr Pratt not the one exposing his economic ignorance or his limited understanding of basic economics to the whole world to see?

Anyway, Mr the Possessor of Unprecedented Gargantuan Wisdom and Intelligence, can you please declare your stance on the Woyomegate scandal? Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome has self-confessed that he never signed any contract with the then NPP government yet he has been able to successfully sue and claimed judgment debt payment of GHC51 Million. Why do you not secretly lobby your paymaster to oblige Woyome to refund the money immediately if indeed you are any honest person? Are you happy with Hon. Kobby Acheampong for treating all cocoa farmers as bush people – Kumasi Kookooase nkuraasefo3?

Will you ever allow Kwesi Pratt, once a small goat but now a fat cow in the mind of Baba Jamal to persuade you to part with your vote to NDC? Whereas the majority of Ghanaians suffer, a few those with Mr Pratt inclusive that are enjoying Ghana's money are saying Ghana is better now thanks to President Mills. Yes, it is better now under President Mills because he has allowed them to have their hands, nose and mouth deeply dipped into the money, "chopping it fuka fuka and waa waa"

Mr Pratt, please do yourself a great favour by not commenting on subjects that are beyond your intellectual scope. The Ghana economy under President Mills is in reality bleeding to death if you care to know. Despite your propensity to defend anything NDC but to condemn anything NPP, your easy-earned dollar-salary is coming to an abrupt end by hook or crook, on December 7, 2012. Please throw no more dust into my sensitive eyes because it hurts, itches and irritates.

Lest I forget, Mrs Nana Agyemang Konadu Rawlings sues to prevent the NDC from further usage of her personally designed NDC's Umbrella Logo. Once more Kwesi Pratt is on her back scratching her badly. What a sad character Mr Pratt is. He is ready to place his head on the block for NDC no matter the circumstance. This is shameful. Kwesi, get some life and cease believing you are the only wisest person in Ghana. You are just displaying your mediocre level of intelligence for all discerning Ghanaians to laugh at. Hahahahahahaaaa!"

My greetings to SOURCE RADIO. UK.


Columnist: Adofo, Rockson