Behind a Failed President, there is no Woman

Thu, 7 Jun 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

In the parlance of male success, it is claimed that, "behind every successful man there is a woman" This has always been true where the couple understands themselves, shares positive views, maintains effective communication between them and spurs one another on to attain maximum success, dignity and credibility. The woman sees the success of her husband as her success. She feels proud about the magnificent social standing of her husband. She measures her popularity and success in terms of the success of her husband. Such is the other quality of a civilized wife who is all out to ensure the continual maintenance of the dignified status of her family through the success of her husband.

In political life, some First ladies have exhibited exemplary qualities worthy of emulation. The Late President Ronald Reagan of the US was a strong leader partly due to the role played by his wife, Nancy Reagan. American Former President Bill Clinton was a political success because of how strong and deft Hillary Clinton, his wife was/is.

First ladies have political roles to play in their nations. These roles can be direct or indirect. The indirect roles are how they share ideas with their husbands at home and advise them on certain policy initiatives. They direct their husbands away from absurd imminent dangers and protect them against destructive human parasites. Sitting in the rear passenger seat, they can see much better to redirect the husband who is at the wheels. A saying goes, "It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps?"

Many a Ghanaian sees President Mills' Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers as taking him for a rough ride. Most of them put words in his mouth that incur the wrath of the populace. Some of them also usurp his Executive powers as and when they want. In all these circumstances, he sits on his lap, twirling his fingers as though nothing is happening. Just last Friday, 1st June 2012, the toady Koku Anyidohu, the Director of President Mills' Communication Team, went on air to sack the Ashanti Regional's Director of Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG). The Electricity Corporation's Director was blamed for the power outage that occurred at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi during the football match between Ghana Black Star and Lesotho. Koku Anyidoho purported his announcement had originated from President Mills. Barely hours or a day later, the Sports Minister denied any such knowledge about the President sacking whomever. Koku Anyidohu could not get away with this attempt to usurp President Mills' powers. He is now a disgraced person with his nose twitching like an early morning rabbit sitting on its raised hind legs guarding against a possible predator.

If Naadu Mills had been up and doing like any dynamic First Lady, there would never be single occasion where young Ministers could take advantage of the weakness of President Mills to usurp his Executive powers, make decisions on his behalf without his express permission. The Ahwoi brothers would not be able to hijack his powers with impunity. There would not be that gargantuan corruption in President Mills' government if Naadu Mills were smart enough and ready to ensure her husband chalks a memorable good name.

Now, I personally see President Mills as a total stooge concurring to all the absurd decisions taken by his slimy-mouthed Deputy Ministers. How can a Minister or Minsters override President Mills' decision to stop a fraudulent payment of GHC51 Million judgment debt to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome? I personally see President Mills as incompetent, a square peg wobbling in a round hole. He has no authority of his own despite the Constitution vesting such powers in him. Why cannot he sack those Ministers of State flaunting his wishes or orders but rather promotes them?

First Lady Naadu Mills, please advise your husband to assume full responsibility of the Executive powers so bestowed on him by the Constitution. There are certain powers that he cannot delegate to anyone except when he decides to be a puppet with strings attached to his limbs and pulled on to dance to entertain the spectators.

Naadu Mills, you seem to have failed President Mills, the unprecedentedly failed President in the annals of Ghana's politics. Are you happy to see him such a failed President? You have not lived up to expectation, as I would expect of you. Are you just a kitchen or bedroom First Lady? That is not good enough. First Ladies indirectly but jointly rule the country with their President husbands. Please help your husband to be a political success. Emulate the mentioned enviable American First Ladies.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson