Being a prophet is not all about prophesying

Pastor File Bible Proclamations made by Prophets should not create fear in celebrities

Sun, 25 Feb 2018 Source: Musah Abdul Razak

Do you still recollect names like Suzzy Williams, Kwame Owusu Ansah, Terry Bonechaka and Fybrant Faya?

If you have forgotten them, then I implore you to surf the internet and take a glimpse at their biographies. Those people were all Ghanaian celebrities who died in fatal accident with the exception of Vybrant Faya who also died through accident, but he was knocked down by a motorbike.

Do you again recollect names like Bob Santo, Professor Atta Mills, KABA, Alhaji Bature, Professor Allotey and many others?They were also famous people in Ghana who have passed away.

May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. The truth is no prophet proclaimed their death yet they passed away. This should simply tell us that death is inevitable so the proclamation made by prophets shouldn't create fear in our celebrities.

Unlike other countries whereby 'fake' prophets are not entertained, they are adored, admired and entertained in Ghana. Our TV channels, radio stations and how Ghanaians troop into the churches of these prophets all because they can perform miracles alone will tell you a lot about how Ghanaians adore prophets.

Yes, they are men of God and should not be insulted or critiqued. I believe you will all bear me out that not all that glitters are gold and there is always impurity in the midst of purity. Were these quotations; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Mathew 7:15; Mathew 24:24; Mark 13:22;1 John 4:1-6;2 John 1:7-11;2 Timothy 3:5;2 Timothy 4:3 written by me? These are a few quotations that warn us against 'fake' prophets in the end time.

Always we see people giving testimonies and others being healed on the television. For whether those people were being paid, enticed or coerced to do so, neither you nor I know.

Prophets in Ghana are causing conflicts among friends, families and dear ones without paying for it. They are giving false revelations and are being made to go scot free. I will always say God is patient. We are in a country where a prophet will tell someone that their mother, father or friend is the cause of their failure. This person, forgetting the adage, 'it is only fools who break doors when someone is about to open', will go home and threaten, kill or be at logger heads with the person whose name was mentioned. This is very bad and not 'sensible' at all.

This afternoon, as I was searching for a movie to watch, I saw Rev.Obofour on Kiss TV talking. I have always been seeing the speeches on prophetic channels to be 'gibberish' and 'mumbo jumbo' but I listened to him because what he was talking about meant a lot to me. He was saying that his colleague pastor- Rev. Columbus sent people to assassinate him (Obofour).

According to him, Rev. Columbus has attempted to kill him (Obofour) on several occasions but failed. He then started saying that some prophets are fake. They hire people to pretend, for them to be known. But this Rev. Columbus also has a lot of followers ooooo. Ei mother Ghana! We are seeing them fighting, revealing their secrets, insulting and disgracing themselves but we still take them as our messiahs.

After the death of Ebony Reigns, a lot of prophets came out and said God revealed to them that Ebony had a short life. Some said they told her but she turned a death ear whilst others say they didn't tell her. What is their evidence? Now the person is dead and a cavader cannot talk so I don't blame them. Afterwards, prophesying the death of celebrities began. But the question is does God only reveal the death of celebrities to his prophets?

Then I will say God is not being fair here if that is true but I know probably the God I serve will never do favoritism. As if proclaiming the death of celebrities will help them gain public attention, most prophets are now proclaiming the death of celebrities.

Prophet Kojo Poku of Fire Time Prayer Ministry proclaimed that Kwadwo Nkansah is the next person to die so he should come for deliverance. Prophet Cosmos Walker Afran also proclaimed that Shatta Wale is the next to die. A lot of prophets are also proclaiming Akrobeto, a known actor is the next to die. Who is really the next to die and how does that concerns you?

Even though everybody will die, proclaiming the death of celebrities is only creating fears in them which makes them unable to do their works effectively. My prophets out there, please when God reveals to you, kindly approach the person and tell them rather than saying it in public. If God does not reveal it also, please do not lie. To my celebrities, do not live in fear because it is said you are the next to die. God reveals and condemn.

Continue doing your daily activities and trust God. Don't forget to live in Him since you can die at anytime. My fellow Ghanaians, it is about time we stopped adoring, entertaining, admiring and believing in all prophets. If you are a true believer, then I don't think God has to help you through a prophet. Pray to Him in faith and he will listen to you. He is not a God for prophets alone, rather he is a God for all.

Do not be made a 'pet' by a prophet all because they can prophesy, predict, foresee and perform miracles. Remember, people are also paid to pretend to be healed, give testimonies and others. Let us be wise and vigilant Ghanaians.

Columnist: Musah Abdul Razak