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Being overly kind can be disastrous to you - Personal experience ( Part Three)

Kumawu Kumawu is a small town and is the capital of Sekyere Kumawu, a district in the Ashanti Region

Sat, 20 Feb 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo

For my failure to love my neighbour as myself but rather loving them more than myself, l have the following truthful narrative to make.

There is no doubt in the minds of the public that l have personally elected to be the public voice of the voiceless and the defendant of the defenceless. This is as far as certain matters affecting Ghanaians go.

Whether by my own calculations based on my convictions or the design of God, l have chosen to battle on behalf of the subjects of Kumawuman in the Ashanti region, against the invasion of, and encroachment upon, their stool lands, by the Asante overlord and his clique of colluding chiefs.

Should he be allowed to have his own way, which is of course, illegal and anathema not only to Asanteman history but Kumawuman's, in Kumawuman affairs?

I have decided to counter his ploys, although diabolical as they are and criminally powerful as they appear, from materialising.

I have spent a lot of my precious time, energy and resources to fighting the clearly avarice of usurpation of Kumawu stool lands and wealth by the sitting Asantehene who is tantamount to the proverbial "Atee" (smelly insect) of "po anson ma adware" (the sea was not enough to cleanse me of my stench).

Why should he be allowed to change the rich history of Kumawu by his greed through unconventional seizure of Kumawu stool lands by imposing a puppet of his choice on Kumawu as paramount chief? He has absolutely no right to intervene in matters of chieftaincy relating to Kumawu.

Having embarked on the mission of countering the excesses of the Asantehene to right the situation, l have met with hurdles of threats of death, harassment and insults to my life.

Here in London, one Kwaku Akorsah of criminal past once left me phone voicemails threatening to locate me with his friends to deal merciless with me. He was doing that because he could not understand why l should take on Asantehene in regards of his illegal role in the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute.

Kwaku Akorsah is a senior brother to the person imposed on Kumawu as a paramount chief by Asantehene.

As l do not suffer fools kindly, l reported his threats to the police and had his voicemail published. Since then, he has recoiled into his hideout only to hear from people that he claims l can never go to Ghana again.

Once, l was notified by a reliable source how Asantehene had allegedly dispatched soldiers, policemen and his personal intelligence-gathering boys to Kumawu to arrest me, bind me in cuffs and chains and taken to him at his Manhyia palace. He wanted me before him to explain why l insult him.

He had sent his agents to Kumawu on the false perceptions that l was in Ghana and at Kumawu, deducing from my online publications at the time.

Some of the very Kumawuman citizens, especially the sub-chiefs, do not understand the essence of my position taken on the case. As they are more concerned about the promises of offering them houses and greasing of their palms with wads of Cedis or dollars should they facilitate the realisation of the devious plans hatched by the powerful traditional overlord, they are ready to join the chorus of, "find Rockson, harm and kill him". Absurdity galore!.

They don't see the wrongs in the actions by Asantehene. They don't care about Kumawuman losing everything and coming under the dominion of Asantehene contrary to the established governing conventions of Asanteman and Kumawuman.

Would l be suffering threats of death to my life if l had chosen to keep to myself without bothering about the collective interests of Kumawuman and her subjects?

Will my stay in Kumawu when on holiday to Ghana become perilously dangerous to me if l had cared less about the collective interests of Kumawuman?

Being overly kind to others comes with its own dangers to your life and or reputation. It comes at a great cost to you.

To be continued...

Columnist: Rockson Adofo