Opinions Fri, 10 Sep 2010

Ben Ephson is a Killer; NPP must eliminate him.

Ben Ephson is poisonous and dangerous than a rattle snake in our growing democracy in the history of Ghana as he continues to operate as a hidden agent for NDC political party and presenting himself in public as a pollster. Ben Ephson, through his various dubious ways has managed to damage many fabrics of NPP political party by way of continually sowing discord, hatred and apathy among the supporters of NPP.

If Ghanaians can recall, during the 2008 general elections, this man (Ben Ephson - Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper) managed to sow complacency and killed passion and interest in the NPP foot soldiers that were supposed to campaign vigorously to retain the party in power when he predicted though his bogus polls that NPP was poised to win hands down.

After the general elections that saw NPP out of power, Ben Ephson continued his diabolical acts towards NPP through his news paper (Daily Dispatch) by creating tension that there was a so-called Kufuor, Nana and Alan factions in NPP. This took the former president J.A.Kufour to openly defused this tension on 22/08/2010 during the extraordinary delegates conference at the Trade fair centre in Accra that, “He did not belong to any faction”.

In the same vein, Mr. Ephson continued his devilish act of creating confusion in the national delegates’ conference of the NPP that took place at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium on 27th Feb 2010 with his so-called Nana Boys and Alan Boys faction, but again this plan was thwarted.

In another diverse way to create tribal sentiments in NPP and in Ghana, Mr. Ben Ephson continued his evil acts during the recent NPP Flag-bearer’s electioneering campaign by substantially and constantly trying to actualise the imagination of the so-called Ashanti Supremacy and Akyem Mafia in NPP. This was his primary aim to create rancour between these two Akan tribes and also to seek the collapse of the originality, friendship and oneness of the Akan tribes.

Ben Ephson predicted that after the congress that saw Nana Akufo-Addo as the flag bearer, the great party NPP will be divided, but to his astonishment, the NPP party has become more united than ever before. As predictable as he has always been, Ben Ephson preposterously started putting another unnecessary and politically inexpedient pressure on Nana Akufo-Addo to pick and name his running mate immediately. This suggestion by Ben Ephson was described by many rational politicians in Ghana as immature and idiosyncratic.

In recognising the failure of his all predictions, He has condoned and connived with the so-called NPP member who was an Alan’s supporter in Kumasi to form a new party (United Front Party) so as to bring his prediction into fruition.

I want to spell it out to Ben Ephson to understand that, his diabolic, nefarious and atrocious acts of divide and rule tactics to favour his secret employers (NDC) will be shambolic and annihilated because NPP is not ignorant of such antiquated strategy. People of such caliber who create discord and antagonism for the purpose of their stomach should be marked and stigmatized, making him and his likes conspicuous in the society.

Peter Antwi


Romford, London

Columnist: Antwi, Peter