Better Ghana”So Far So Good”

Sat, 28 Jun 2014 Source: Asare, Bediako Vincent

(Offinso South Constituency)

In all things we should always see the need to appreciate what almighty God has done for us. Today is not an exception. We pray that the God should always shower blessing on us. Blessings of peace, understanding and of protection. Amen?

It has indeed becomes very necessary to bring out this press release to inform and educate people both young and old in the Offinso-south constituency the need to appreciate what N.D.C government has done so far for the constituency since coming into power.

Despite the economic down turn the N.D.C government is facing, the Offinso-south constituency has seen a lot of infrastructural improvement since the better Ghana Agenda. Almost all sectors of concern, have received some kind of innovations. It entreat each and everyone to discard the rumours and liars some people are perpetrating against the government for non performance.

Without much I do, let me humble take you through some projects which have been executed by N.D.C government since 2008.in the Offinso-south constituency. The aim of “better Ghana” is to better and uplift the lives of ordinary Ghanaians.Inview of this, certain key factors like education, health and other basic necessities like water cannot be over-looked.

Since water is life in the areas of good portable drinking water supply, the Assembly has completed the drilling and construction of 30 boreholes within the municipal township e.g Fawoman, kwakumensah krom, twumasen, bonsua, aboasu, Amaning etc.

Electricity has also seen remarkable improvement in the constituency.Erection and installation of of streetlights from Adukro to oldtown has be completed. The extension of electricity to newly developed areas,abofour market,Ampabame, Dupual also completed.

In Ghana most of our foodstuff and other raw materials for the hinterland. The health status of these people is very paramount to the government. The assemble has not relent in its effort to provide CHPS compound for people living in the rural areas who do not have easy access to health facilities. The following areas are now enjoying CHPS compound under N.D.C administration,Asuboi,Amaning etc.

Most importantly, the construction and rehabilitation of schools have not also been left out. Construction of 6 unit classroom block with office and store at Agogo,Ayensu,Namong have completed. Construction of 3unit classroom block at Maase, Anyinasusu, Abofour kayera and 1 storey building classroom at abofour completed.

Rehabilitation of 1 six unit classroom block with office and store at saaboa,3 unit classroom block at Methodist J.H.S,Kokote have been completed.

Other, projects of important concern are as follows.

1) Construction of 20 seated W/C toilet at kokote.

2) Rehabilitation and expansion of circuit court

3) Construction of 20 seated W/C toilet at Aboasu

4) Construction of modern Abattoir with Biogas digester, kraal and borehole at tutuase.

5) Construction of 20 seated KVIP at kayera.

6) Rehabilitation of PWD office into fire station.

7) Renovations of Assembly administration block

8) Construction of Agric-Dome road.

These projects are enough evidence to show that N.D.C under better Ghana agenda has done a lot for Ghanaians and particularly the people of offinso-south constituency. These projects are open book for everybody to see. We must team to appreciate the efforts of other people to motivate them to do more in order to move the nation forward. If language is not used rightly, what is done is undone and in the process lead people into comfusion.lets agree to disagree, love one another and live happily.


Asare Bediako Vincent.(0548341277).

Columnist: Asare, Bediako Vincent