Opinions Wed, 1 Apr 2015

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Betty & Barton Oduro Must Be Prosecuted

After painstakingly analyzing correspondents prior the famous illegal payment to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, AFAG can confirm without any shred of doubt that, Betty Mould Iddrisu and Barton Oduro conspired with businessman Woyome to steal from the state coffers.

Documents available to AFAG confirms Betty Mould Iddrisu's vested interest in seeing to the illegal payments to Woyome. Indeed, the treasury department of the ministry of finance queried the then AG's advice for the minister of finance to make payments to Woyome. It appears Betty Mould Iddrisu and Ebo Barton Oduro had agreed on the need to rape the state regardless of any obstacle put in place by the ministry of finance. As a result of the ministry of finance refusal to comply to Betty and Barton Oduro's directive to pay Woyome purely based on a mere petition, this dishonorable persons got upset and decided to let go any defense of Mr. Woyome's suit at the court.

Fellow countrymen, it is clear that, Betty Mould Iddrisu's non-satisfactory posture after the ministry of finance treasury department's query caused the default judgement from the high court in favor of payments to Mr. Woyome. The AG's office did not file for defense but were quick as it was, to write to the finance minister to point out to the ministry of finance that, their inability to pay Woyome based upon their earlier advice had led to a court judgement ordering the state to make payments to Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Hence, they had to effect payment immediately. This is how wicked and insensitive Betty and Barton Oduro were to the people of Ghana. In all instances, they were in hurry for the state to make payment even when the treasury unit of the ministry of finance had questioned the basis for the payment.

Fellow Countrymen, Barton Oduro defended the indefensible. How on earth can this two public officers conspire to rob the state of its scarce resources. There is no distinction between the act of this persons and the midnight robbery by armed men. Ghanaians will like to know how much Betty and Barton Oduro each earned. Indeed we are aware of Nerquaye-Tetteh the then chief state attorney bagging home an equivalent of $400 000.

Over to you Betty and Barton!

AFAG is making the whole correspondence available on its Facebook page and to the press for the people of Ghana to judge. The thievery by these persons was well orchestrated and clouded by personal interest. Betty and Barton Oduro are heartless and must be prosecuted as soon as possible. They have no business running for protection under the cover of the umbrella or sit in the distinguished house of parliament.

Fellow Ghanaians, the documents attached are for your perusal. Betty and Barton Oduro must surely be behind bars. There is no excuse for letting them off the hook. They are the most dis-honorable persons in Ghana. Much kudos to the crusader general Martin Amidu for leading the fight against open robbery of state resources.

RESOLUTION Prosecute Betty Mould Iddrisu and Barton Oduro now.

God save Ghana

AFAG Leadership

Columnist: AFAG Leadership

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