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Beware of friends and your giving out of gifts to them or to people

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Thu, 20 Apr 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

To start with, who is a friend? Is it he who you can trust, confide in and share secrets with? Is it he who will be around for you in rain or shine? Is it he who will be a shoulder for you to cry on in times of difficulty; when you may need help and comfort?

Why are some people that we see and treat in our everyday life as friends can turn to wish evil upon us? Are people behaving in that manner, thus, wishing evil for you, friends at all?

A friend to me is a friend without any classifications. Therefore, it is either you are a friend, or not. There should be nothing like a true friend or a false friend, period.

Many a Ghanaian pretending to be your friend could indeed be your worst enemy without you knowing. Anyone that wishes evil upon you in any way can never be your friend but your enemy.

It is just that we don’t take time to study people very well before we assume they are our friends.

Out of envy, many a once good friend can suddenly become the devil incarnate to wish your downfall or death. If you give a gift to them, instead of appreciating it, they will rather use such gift to harm you.

The experience of a Ghanaian woman as narrated by her friend in the attached video is not unique to her but a common occurrence in the lives of Ghanaians and their communities.

If the woman had not gone to give her a gift, knowing in her heart for donkey years that she was her friend since school days, would she have thought of harming her upon the advice of her supposedly evil mother?

There are instances where people have been harmed or killed by those they thought to be their friends without knowing they were actually not. They are, or were, simply friends in the face but damn enemies within.

I shall end my communication here but not without first advising you to beware of those you call or treat as friends. They are those that know your movements, secrets and whatnot, and can easily make your life excessively miserable.

Another example is the demise of the late Kumawu constituency member of parliament, Philip Basoah (Hon). Was it, not his supposedly close companions in politics that finally became his enemies causing him misery onto his premature death?

Friends today, enemies tomorrow.

I will rather stay without having friends than have the type of person described in the video as a friend.

Why are some Ghanaians so envious of their friends, family members, etc. abroad that are doing better than them evil and in some instances try to kill them?

Guys, share your bitter experiences with those you thought to be friends in order to educate us, or the masses, to be cautious when we are with those we take for friends.

I hope my wife will stop teasing me for having no friends when she chances to watch the attached video and many others of similar nature.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo