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Bickering within the NDC will Harm the Party Come 2012 Elections

Tue, 16 Nov 2010 Source: Rockson Adofo

The NDC top guys are secretly working tirelessly around the clock to reconcile the sole Founder of the NDC, former President Rawlings to President Atta Mills. This endeavour will enhance their chances of winning election 2012, they reckon.

I am a man of peace; but when I speak, they are for war - Psalm 120:7. It is a well acknowledged fact that it hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort. It has been my resolute determination to confront the flagrancy of injustices in Ghana head-on, be they under the NPP or the NDC government. Any acts of official injustice being hatched, orchestrated or executed by whoever will meet my sternest condemnation regardless how injurious it may be to their self-pride.

Do I allow myself to be gagged by those self-seekers, parasites and political party sycophants who have animus intentions for those they wrongly perceive as enemies rather than rivals? No way! Sadly enough, my own Kumawuman kinsman, Nana Boadaa, who is but unknown to me figures principally among the truth haters? I don't blame him. He is a member of that opportunistic Kumawu family that will continue to shower praises on any NDC government irrespective of how irresponsible, tyrannical and misfit in their job they may be. Is it stomach politics or mere absurdity that influences certain self-seeking personalities to behave untowardly as they do? Why should I take my fellow Ghanaian, let alone a Kumawuman kinsman, to the cleaners? I will spare him any further embarrassment by not delving into his utter display of not only ignorance, but utter callousness towards Nana Darkwah. It must be noted that Nana Darkwah did not insult Former President Rawlings by his expressed opinion purporting that Rawlings torched his own house. It was an accusation which needed to be investigated more properly and more professionally than the way the NDC oppressive police force went about it.

How justified was the State in accusing Nana Darkwah of spreading what has now become a humorous National Anthem, "causing fear and panic" when indeed he should have been held as a principal witness to prosecute Rawlings. Was his accusation of Rawlings torching his own house a crime prosecutable by the State? Was it not at worst a Civil case to be brought against him by Rawlings but not the State if Rawlings was persuaded that his fundamental human rights have been infringed i.e. defamation of character has occurred? Two wrongs never make a right. Do they? I would never write to justify the rudeness of Nana Darkwah towards Rawlings if indeed he had. I wouldn't do so just for the fact that Rawlings himself is the father and mother of all rudeness and insults in Ghana. Nana Darkwah might have a point but the politicized and biased police with the support of the lawless NDC fanatics never permitted justice to be done to neither Rawlings nor Nana Darkwah. Why did the case collapse like a pack of playing cards in the end? Anyway let me bury the hatchet.

Those of you who for their parochial and self-serving reasons would have had Nana Darkwah linger in prisons should bury their heads in shame. Are they not the same people who are supporting the persecution and prosecution of Amina Mohammed for tipping off the police about a disgraceful and dangerous highway incident? In their estimation Amina had been exaggeratory, acted ambiguously with the intention to dent the credibility of the already fragile President Atta Mills' government. Professional police investigation devoid of political biases would not cause her immediate arrest and incarceration on the very first day of her invitation by the police to volunteer information. Had she committed a murder and or, plotted a coup d'état, then she could be arrested straightaway. Is there still not an element of truth in her assertions even though they may have been dosed with exaggeration? How will the truth ever be known if the police and the NDC lawlessness supported by the doers of stomach-politics continue to gain roots and strength?

Nana Boadaa rushed to publish about three articles in support of the NDC but as soon as his ignorance came back to slap him in the face, he recoiled into his shell like a tortoise/snail. I applaud him for retreating as a gentleman even though he continues to make sarcastic comments here and there. Anyway, let me bury the hatchet on this issue where he depicts his NDC's sycophancy by castigating me for supporting Nana Darkwah through and through. It's nobody other than my own Kumawuman citizen who can have a dig at me with impunity.

Let's skip the chitchat and get down to the nitty-gritty. Is it right to condone evil just because the doer is your political affiliate? Do we continue to support and applaud oppressive acts by governments just because we belong in their political parties? I believe in the welfare of Ghana first unlike others who are only interested in their political parties staying in power for as long as it takes. Let the current NDC government cease being divisive, visionless and oppressive – trigger happy to arrest people on senseless accusation of "causing and panic".

Now Amina Mohammed has become a celebrity in Ghana all for the irrational approach to issues by the police and the NDC. I understand a road and a park are unofficially named after her by Ghanaians. Let the lawlessness and bickering within the NDC party stop or else, it will implode!

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Rockson Adofo