Did Alan cash perfect Nana's leadership claim?

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Thu, 23 Oct 2014 Source: Asare, Kwame Ohene

By Kwame Ohene Asare Esq.

After Alan Kyeremateng achieved less than 8% in NPP's Special Delegates' Conference on 31st August 2014, the man was now caught between a rock and a very hard place as to whether he should proceed to subject himself to a determination by a full congress of the party's 140,000 delegates scheduled for 18th October 2014. See my article of 15th September 2014 published on Ghanaweb -'Alan Cash is caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'. He must have known that the odds were heavily stuck against him when he left his proverbial hat in the ring.

I have always felt that the cursing of Judas Iscariot for betraying Christ was unfair. By way of the principle of 'cause & effect' it was through Judas that our sins and transgressions were forgiven.

Sometimes facile problems, even insurmountable ones, come our way to make us appreciate the bigger blessings in our lives. The bible says that the death and resurrection of Christ were meant for His Glory to be made available to all as well as to make manifest in our lives. Nana Addo's near-unanimous endorsement by his party would never have been made a matter of fact without Alan Kyeremateng's seeming obduracy.

Regrettable though that it was not part of Alan's purpose to achieve this remarkable endorsement of Nana Addo, to many, it was an inevitable outcome of his actions.

Through Alan, NPP lost a rare opportunity to demonstrate that it was capable of a special kind of decision making - consensus. In hindsight, the vote was just as good, if not better and whilst it may have been made through an expensive and risky process, nobody can call the 'consensus' forged.

Leadership has emanated from the grassroots and Nana Addo's is clearly not like Mahama's forged leadership which has followed him through. He forged his succession to former President Mills and with his coronation forged, he forged the National elections. When challenged, he forged the outcome of a highly publicised Court challenge. He was also recently caught forging our National statistics.

This cannot go on forever. The Nation is now watching with eagle eyes and he does not seem able to forge his way out of the Country’s economic mismanagement and corruption. Mahama is irredeemable!

His only hope of salvation is the fact that Ghanaian voters are now filled with a renewed sense of hope about an NPP leader ready and determined to use all legitimate means possible to rescue the Nation from the abysmal state of affairs it is saddled with.

An incorruptible leader offered to his Nation by the unanimous verdict of his Party. And so shall it turn out to be that come 2016, all the years of NPP's sojourn in opposition, lost elections and defeat via an improperly procured court verdict, were all meant for the monumental blessing of a Nation in distress.

Columnist: Asare, Kwame Ohene